Speck of Jan

What a joyous weekend.  I went for a really nice flight by myself on Saturday.  It was perfect, clear weather.  I first flew over my mother’s house (the gutters still look pretty clean!).  I called her while I was up there (yes, I was on the phone while flying….oops) and she came out onto the driveway.  I got a picture of her, thus the title of my blog “Speck of Jan”:

I told you she was tiny!

For the rest of my hour long flight, I just listened to some tunes on my iPod and cruised around Niagara.  The Fall colours are really coming out.  On the way back towards St. Catharines, I flew over Howell’s Pumpkin farm:

Anyone want to use this picture to cheat on their maze?

I thought flying over these pumpkins really meshed with how I decorated my plane:

Oh, I almost forgot.  Soon after starting up my plane, I heard over the radio that the Lancaster was doing a low and over.  Here are a couple of shots – it was such a sight to see and hear!

I started taxiing toward the runway as soon as it flew past.  I didn’t even make it to the runway before the Lancaster called the tower and stated he was clear of the zone!  Geesh!

Before I went on my Saturday flight, I brought some fudge to the folks in the tower.  One personage asked if I was still considering bringing one of my hairless cats by for a visit.  I suggested it to him months back.  Ironically, I had the same thought before leaving for the airport that morning.  Needless to say, Mya and I took a little road trip to the airport this morning.  She was a little nervous upon arrival, but within a few minutes was her cute, affectionate, putting and playful little self.  I think she may have converted one person there from just a dog person to a dog and cat person!!!

Here she is checking out the view:

She was surprisingly quick on picking up on the technicalities of the radar system:

She noticed a couple planes were getting fairly close to each other.  She picked up the radio and called one of the planes, stating that he had an unidentified plane at his eleven o’clock, 400 feet below him.  The pilot called in “no contact” as he clearly didn’t have the other plane in site.  Fortunately, the plane coming toward him heard Mya’s call, and quickly located the oncoming plane.  He banked to his right while letting Mya know that he spotted the traffic and took the necessary maneuvers to avoid him.  The tower burst into applause as we knew Mya just diverted a potentially tragic event!  She was offered a position with NAV Canada on the spot – just said she would think about it.

Right now Mya has collapsed in a tiny heap of cuteness, after her harrowing day!

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling pretty good today!  Still dealing with my sinus thing though, which has caused some unpleasant headache sensations in my…..well….head!

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 10/17/2010 6:59 PM

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