Rudolph’s in Town

I hope everyone had a joyous Thanksgiving!  Actually, I thought it was Christmas this past Friday.  I looked out the window in the bathroom and saw Rudolph flying over downtown St. Catharines:

Chuck and I went to my mother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday.  As usual, her meal was perfect.  It was the usual turkey dinner fare, with a new squash and apple dish which was also perfect.  Man, I haven’t eaten that much in a long time.  She topped off our meal with a pumpkin-mousse pie.  Holy cow!  Moooo!  It was so good!  Thanks again, Lil’ Jan!

As Chuck and I were getting ready to leave, I discovered that I was totally coordinated with the large hazard pylon thing out in front of her house:

Talk about a stripe-fest!

On Sunday, Jan came up to St. Catharines and we hit a couple malls and Costco.  It’s funny how you go into Costco for just two or three things and you come out with a buggy full.

I’m glad the weather was somewhat decent on Monday.  It was the last day the Niagara District Airport was going to be open for at least a week.  They are repaving all three runways (as far as I know).  Chuck and I went for a local flight just after noon.  He snapped a few photos during the flight.  You can see that runway 01 has been partially repaved:

I thought they were going to rename runway 06/24 due to the magnetic variation, as they did in Tillsonburg and Toronto.  It looks like I was el’wrong-o!

Here we are just after lifting off:

We hit a touch of rain while flying around Niagara.  Chuck phoned my mother when we arrived in her area and she came out to wave.  What a dedicated and devoted little mother I have, willing to stand out in the rain to wave at her cute and loving daughter.

It was sad when we were coming back in to land, since I knew it would be my last flight for a least a week:

Nothing too exciting is planned for this week.  I’ll be sure to tell y’all about it if anything happens.

Today’s symptoms:  Much more tired and weak than usual.  Quite a nasty headache too.  I’ll try to get a good sleep tonight so I can feel sassy and joyous tomorrow.

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