Checking the Gutters

I feel really bad about not posting a blog for over a week – how rude! 

My mother and I took a trip to Rochester this past weekend.  Actually, we left on Thursday and came back Sunday.  We had a great time.  The main purpose was shopping.  I believe we filled this objective quite nicely.  Our hotel was right near the one large mall, as well as a slew of box stores.  We hit this mall on our first day.  The next day we took a 20 minute drive to another large mall.  We found some amazing deals, mostly at the Burlington Coat Factory store.  On Sunday, we hit some of the larger box stores around the area of our hotel, and hit the mall again.  It was fun to go back to our room each night and admire our newly purchased goodies!  For our last day, we went to Wal-Mart and Target, then one final stop at Tim Hortons before heading home.  The Timmy’s there had pumpkin coffee!  It was quite yummy.  I’m disappointed that it isn’t here in Canada.

It was a wonderful time and I hope we can make it yearly trip!

I haven’t flown for about three weeks, due to feeling yucky.  I was feeling better today and the weather was perfect so I headed out to the airport after work.  They are repaving the larger runway, so I had to take off from the smaller one.  Just as I took off, the small door to access the engine flew open.  Ugh!  I was so nervous it was going to rip off.  I called the tower and let them know that I had to come back around and land.  After landing, backtracking and parking at the runway threshold, I turned off the plane, ran out and closed the door.  I was shocked when I climbed back in the plane and it wouldn’t restart!  I think I tried for almost a minute.  I had all of my electronics turned off so I wouldn’t kill the battery.  I turned my radio back on to tell the tower I was going to have to get out and push.  I tried starting it again after turning on the radio, and she started perfectly.  I must have a radio-powered starter!  Cool!  I headed up over the airport and did some aerobatics.  I asked the tower-folks to keep their heckling to a minimum, as I hadn’t done any  aerobatics in over a month!  After about 30 minutes of loops and rolls, I headed out to Fonthill to check my mother’s gutters for leaves.  They looked pretty good!  I think I’ll have to clean them out in a few weeks.  After flying over Jan’s house, I was going to head over to Port Colborne, then Fort Erie.  However, I suddenly felt rather icky.  All at once, my throat, ears and head started hurting.  I decided to head back to the airport.  I’m not surprised as everyone at work has been sick over the last couple of weeks.  I guess it’s my turn!  It’s too bad I had to cut the flight early, as it was a really nice day.  Here are some pics:


Niagara Falls

The new hospital being built in St. Catharines

I’m just going to veg for the rest of the night, and hope I don’t feel too much worse tomorrow.  I certainly don’t want to be sick for Thanksgiving this weekend!  Gobble Gobble!

Today’s symptoms:  Much more energy today than I’ve had in weeks.  It’s too bad this cold had to set in.

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