What Would You Do?

I’m having a much more interesting week than the previous one.  It all started this past weekend.  Someone who previously told me that he was deathly afraid of flying and would under no circumstances EVER fly with me, asked to join me on a flight.  Of course my immediate reaction was to laugh, since I knew how bad his fear was.  He told me he was serious, then started to freak out.  I thought it was great that he wanted to face his fear head-on.  I didn’t waste any time in calling the Flying Club and asked them to pull my plane out of the hangar, and I would be there in about half an hour.  I really had a good feeling that he was serious about this and I would see him out at the airport.  Sure enough, just after I finished my inspection, he arrived with his spouse and son.  I gave the spectators my camera so they could take some shots from the ground.  I took my smaller camera up with us so I could video his flight.  After my run-up (checks done once the engine is running), we headed over to the runway.  He was seriously stressed but already made the hardest decision – deciding to take the flight.  We quickly took off.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the smoothest flight, but certainly not the roughest.  The Control Tower asked if I was going to do some aerobatics today, but I told him I had a very nervous passenger with me, so that would be a no!  Another pilot who was just coming into the airport, radioed the Tower and said that it was quite a bit smoother above 3000 feet.  However, soon after take-off, my passenger informed me that he was done.  I told him I had to fly around the circuit and land the same way we took off.  Just as I was about to turn final, he said that he would like to keep going.  I told the Tower I was going to overshoot the runway.  We headed above 3000 feet, and it was quite a bit smoother.  I had to ensure my passenger that the small bumps and slips we were experiencing would not cause the plane to lose control.  We were up for 27 minutes in total – I was really impressed with him!  Here is a pictorial of our flight. 




As you can see, he was a little relieved to have survived the experience.  His son eagerly ran over to greet him.  Actually, his son wanted to sit in the plane.  Once he was in, he asked if he could go for a flight.  I told him he would have to talk to his parents about that one day.  They both looked at each other, looked and me and said “sure!”  So, up I went again!  Mind you, my second passenger was a little less stressed.  Soon after we took off, he asked if I could fly him to Florida so he could go to Disney.  I told him we didn’t pack our bags so we would have to do it another day.  Instead, we flew over Niagara Falls:

Next he wanted to fly to Sherkston, which is where they went camping this summer:

He really was a great passenger!  Certainly my youngest, at only seven!

Next on my list of exciting events for this week was Tuesday.  My friend and I went for a coffee break at the Cool Moose, near our office in St. Catharines.  It was market day, which is right next to our office.  We decided to walk through on our way back.  Just as we were about to cross the driveway alongside of the parking lot, a woman in a black car floored it in reverse, without even looking.  She had her window open and my friend said “Don’t you look both ways?”  The woman screamed profanities at her.  My friend made another comment, with the same response.  At this point, the car was half out on the road and we were across the driveway.  My friend said that the driver made a gesture like she was going to hit us, and my friend made a “Bring it on” action with her hands.  At that point, the extremely enraged woman threw her car in park and jumped out.  I swear, she was so full of rage, her feet weren’t even touching the ground as she made her way towards us.  She was yelling plenty of swear words and saying “You want to go?  You want a piece of me?”  This is where the title of this blog comes into play.  I’ve always wondered what I would do in this type of situation.  I really didn’t have any time to think, but reacted in about a second.  I immediately stepped in front of my friend and faced the crazed psycho-woman head on.  She stopped a few feet away, still screaming.  I didn’t budge.  She turned around, went back into her car and drove away.  Wow!  What a crazy experience!

I had another very interesting day today, but will discuss it in my next blog.

Today’s symptoms:  This has been the second day in a row of worse-than-normal weakness.  Fortunately, today was a bit better than yesterday.  I have quite a bit of pain in my bones and joints today.

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