Cat Rescue

Gee, I feel bad for the amount of time that has passed since my last blog.  Needless to say, nothing much has happened this past week. 

I went shopping on Sunday and purchased a couple of baskets for the shelf in my closet.  When I arrived home, I put them on the floor of the bedroom.  I only turned my back for a second and when I turned back around, this is what I found:

I think it’s cute that Mya climbed into the smaller one, since she’s so petite!

I had something interesting happen yesterday and today.  A supervisor at work told me that she just lost her cat on the weekend and she was planning on getting another one.  The same day, I received a call from someone who knew that my mother was considering getting a declawed cat at some point.  She said there are two cats in Dunnville that needed a new home immediately or they would be put to sleep on Saturday.  Their owners had to move to a smaller home and were unable to bring their cats with them.  They tried for over a month to find their cats a new home.  They called all of the vets, Humane Societies, SPCA’s, etc. in Niagara and Hamilton, but no one would take them.  Their only option was to have them put down.  I quickly phoned the supervisor at her home and asked if she wanted two adult kitties.  She readily agreed!  I was so happy and excited to phone back the owners and tell them I had found their cats a new home.  I took a couple hours of vacation leave today and my mother and I drove down to Dunnville to pick up the cats.  I got quite emotional at one point, knowing how hard this was for the owners.  We managed to get them in their cages and headed back home.  They’re very cute.  The female is seven years old, and an average sized kitty:

The male is four years old and is quite the little heifer:

I was very relieved that the new owner was able to pick them up as soon as I got back into St. Catharines.  I didn’t want them to have to go through the trauma of being transferred from home to home.  I really hope they have a happy life with their new family.

Getting to leave work early today was actually quite a blessing.  I wasn’t feeling very good to begin with, and having to hear the construction going on outside was really starting to get annoying.  The whole office was vibrating so much, the noise was deafening!  Here’s the view from my window:

My mother is coming by for a short visit tomorrow, then I hope to go for a flight.  It’s supposed to rain on Sunday, so no flying for moi.  I’ll head over to visit my tiny mother and do some grocery shopping.

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling much more weak than normal.  I hope to get a good sleep tonight and hopefully have enough energy for a flight.

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