Plastic Surgery

I received the plastic panels for the interior of my plane yesterday.  My mother and I drove over to the airport to stick them in the plane.  I was quite happy to see my mechanic there, since he’s the one performing Vyctor’s plastic surgery.  He allowed us to load up the panels in his truck, and arranged for me to fly out to his place the next day.  Despite the wind, we went for a brief flight.  My mother nagged the whole time, telling me to stop making the plane bounce from the wind and air pockets. 

I headed out to the airport this morning and called Chuck to meet me at my mechanic’s place.  I spotted him driving on the QEW and tried to slow down enough to fly next to him into Welland.  I was able to fly directly in front of him once we reached Montrose Road.  After landing, I helped remove a couple of the old, brittle panels, then got out of my mechanic’s hair so he could carry on with the transplantation.  Here are some of the pics we took:

Rear panels removed (Vyctor’s skeleton exposed):

I also had to replace the glove box door, which was missing a fairly large chunk of plastic:

I would love to fly without the doors!

Yucky old panel and beading:

I’m really looking forward to seeing him with his facelift.

Today’s symptoms: Feelings pretty decent today!  This is the second “good” day in a row – I’m hoping for many more!

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