The Mercedes

We had an interesting day last week, the day before we went to the Elton John concert.  My little mother’s birthday is coming up, so Chuckles picked her up a 2001 Mercedes Benz ML320!  She was in total shock and thought we were kidding.  We handed her the ownership, pointed out her name, and she didn’t believe us.  We ended up going out  for dinner, and of course had Jan drive us in her new ride.  She couldn’t believe how nicely it drove.  She goes on about her new pride and joy (which is no longer me!) almost every day. It’s so nice to see her so happy!Speaking of happy, Jan found a poem I wrote on February 25, 2001.  I wish to share it with all of you.  *Elizabeth clears her throat*….dramatic pause for effect:

Silly People – by Elizabeth Murphy

Clowns – happy, cheerful, funny
Amusing, laughing, silly
What is our fascination
With these silly people?

Devoted to lifting spirits
Making children laugh
Painted faces and funny clothes
Crazy antics always fun to watch

What’s beneath these wondrous smiles?
It must be something grand
I think it’s more than that
Emotions they try to hide

They are real people too
With evil thoughts and heartaches
Painful life stories and woes
Who are they trying to kid?

Psycho clowns scampering about
Trying to be something they’re not
I know what’s under that crazy hair
Pure evil in disguise

Wow – I must have had issues in 2001!  I’ll have to check out the rest of my poetry (I wrote quite a bit) and see if it’s as twisted as this little number.

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling better today than I have in a few days.  Still very weak and tired, more than “normal.”

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