Nexus Jan

It was my short day at work today, which was perfect timing as my mother and aunt had their interviews for their Nexus  cards.  I drove them down to Fort Erie and we arrived 30 minutes early for their appointment.  Fortunately, the officer was able to take them both right away.  The whole process took only an hour, so we were out of there sooner than we planned.  It will be so nice to go over to the States with Jan using our Nexus cards, so we can miss the bridge line-ups. 

I was so happy to see what was in my email when I got home.  I ordered a custom made model of my airplane through Factory Direct Models .   They sent me confirmation that my model was complete, and asked that I check it over and approve it for shipping.  It’s perfect:

I can’t wait to receive Lil’ Vyctor in the mail!

Today’s symptoms:  Very weak, a lot of pain in my arms and hands, a bad headache and really bad fatigue.  Blah!

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