Is It Friday Yet?

My friend from work and I went up for a night flight this past Friday.  I arrived at the airport rather early, so I ended up flying alone to do some aerobatics.  I think I was only up for about 25 minutes.  I was happy to see how smooth it was, which would be appreciated by my passenger.  Not long after I landed, my friend arrived.  We watched a large plane start up and take off before we climbed in Vyctor and set out around 9:30pm.  I told her we would climb to 3500 feet, which is the required altitude for planes in the Niagara Falls scenic circuit.  I hit 3500′ just before we were over Queenston.  I throttled down to cruise speed and my friend said “Oh, are we stopping?”  I said “Yes, we’re just going to pull over here, get out and take some pictures!”  We both had a good laugh.  We were over the Falls about 20 minutes before the fireworks started.  The view was amazing.  She was so impressed and couldn’t believe how different it was at night.  The coloured lights on the Falls were impressive:

A couple times, the spot lights hit Vyctor’s white wing and we thought the fireworks had started – it was so bright!  However, they didn’t start until 10:00pm.  It was nice that we were the only aircraft in the circuit.  There were tons of cars lined up on the road along the Falls, all watching the show.  Needless to say, we had the best seat in the house.  The show went on for almost 10 minutes!  It was amazing, especially when we were almost right over the pyrotechnics.

My friend was so happy with the flight.  That was the third time I’ve taken her up, but the first time at night.

Our landing was fun.  I showed her how I could turn on the runway lights by clicking my push-to-talk switch a few times.  I’m hoping I can go for another night flight again soon.

I was at the airport last night, with my Recreational Aircraft Association folks.  They are such a great bunch!  Our guest speaker last night builds and rides velomobiles .  They are aerodynamic, recumbent cycles.  Some of the ones they brought were also battery powered.  I wasn’t going to try one, thinking I would end up causing a scene (I was wearing a skirt and heels!)  However, since some of them were fully enclosed, I was pretty safe (as were the onlookers!).  It was a total blast to ride around the apron at the airport!  Everyone was having a good time.  I took some pictures with my phone’s camera, but haven’t sent them to my computer yet.  I’m also going to ask if anyone else there last night could email me some of the pics they took.

The meeting went very well.  Since the airport is under construction and totally torn up, I suggested everyone bring a flash light.  It wouldn’t be too safe walking back to their cars at night, considering the uneven and yucky ground.  I had two small flashlights, but was mostly pointing them behind me for the other people walking.  My shoes paid for this big-time.  Yucky is right!  My cats were quite shocked when I got home:

Instead of taking the time to clean them, I’m just waiting for the mud to dry, then I’m going to colour over it with a black marker.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty good for most of the day.  My energy didn’t start to drop off until around 3:00 – surprising since my late night last night.

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