Down to Downsview

Chuck and I took advantage of the nice weather this past weekend and flew down to the fly-in at the Downsview airport in Toronto.  Actually, I shouldn’t really say the weather was all that “nice” as it was quite hazy, then became windy once we got past Hamilton.  Here’s a shot of Toronto through the haze and smog:


The flight to the airport took less than 45 minutes, which was nice considering how bumpy and lumpy it was getting.

Once we touched down, there were many marshallers out to guide us to our parking spot:

Actually, we didn’t pull into the parking spot.  Instead, after I shut down, little Vyctor was escorted to his place.

I was actually surprised that there weren’t more planes there.

We wandered around to the vendors, then over to the museum.  Does this engine make my butt look big?

I was really happy to see the Silver Dart replica and a couple of its builders there.  Two are members of the

Recreational Aircraft Association (Niagara Chapter) .

Another nice treat was meeting hockey legend Johnny Bower:

My mother is a Maple Leafs fan, so I got her an autographed photo.

We were there for a couple of hours, then helped push Vyctor back to the taxiway:

I’m trying to pull Vyctor off a collision course with the other parked planes – it was really tight!

The flight back wasn’t quite as bumpy, which is typically nice for my passengers.  I don’t seem to mind so much.

Nothing too exciting planned for this week.  I’m hoping to go flying one day, but the weather doesn’t look too good for the next few days.

Today’s symptoms: I was really drained and weak by the time mid-afternoon rolled around.  It led to a boring evening and night of recovering in bed – blah!

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