Night Flight Fireworks

Chuck and I decided to take a flight on Sunday night to watch some of the fireworks.  I think the main displays were actually on Victoria Day, but we knew there would be a few of them the day before.  We took off just before dusk.  Our first stop was over Niagara Falls:

You can see the spot lights shining on the Canadian Falls in the above shot.  It was a very smooth flight, but it was more hazy than I thought it would be.  We couldn’t even see Toronto across the lake.

Here’s another angle of the Falls:

We watched a few small firework shows along the Lake Ontario shoreline, plus one out in Welland.  It was just after 10:00 pm when I decided to land.  Just then a nice show started over the Falls.  With Vyctor at full throttle, I told Chuck to lean forward as we raced toward the display of light!  We were belting along at 120 miles per hour.  Unfortunately we didn’t make it, and had to watch the grand finale from afar:

There is a firework display every Friday night over the Falls.  I’m hoping to go back up within the next couple of weeks for a closer viewing!

It was a really nice flight and Chuck seemed to really enjoy it.

Speaking of spectacular sights, check out this little display of insanity:

Abby looks like a pirate undergoing an exorcism!  Arrrrgh!

Today’s symptoms:  I actually felt decent today!  My fatigue level was more than tolerable and not too much pain either.

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