Bye Bye Birdie

I had something interesting happen yesterday.  I was driving through the parking lot at my apartment on the way to work.  I stopped when I noticed a small bird standing in the driveway.  I opened my door to see if he was ok and he flew right into my car!  He sat in the little compartment on the passenger’s side door:

When I tried to get him out, he jumped up on my finger and wouldn’t let go.  It was so cute!  The superintendent walked out and looked over at me with the bird.  I told him I may need help getting the little guy on his way.  He lifted it off my finger and it flew away.  I think that’s a reasonable excuse to be four minutes late for work that morning….

I visited with my mother today.  We just went to Tim Horton’s for a coffee, then to Shopper’s Drug Mart.  When we got back home, we decided to wash my car.  Jan did the exterior while I did the interior.  Lola Corolla looks so good now!

After cleaning the car, we worked on taking down her small dead tree by the porch.  I snapped the tree at the base with a couple of kicks.  Working on digging out the stump and roots was a little more time consuming.  At one point, I used every ounce of my weight to heave the stump loose:

Yes, my feet are off the ground, and no, the stump didn’t budge.  A few more digs and the stubborn thing finally gave in.

Today’s symptoms: Not feeling as bad as I have been for the last week.  I think it’s a sign of feeling well in the near future!  Yea, we’ll go with that!

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