Aviation Expo

I’ve been looking forward to today for a couple months now.  It was the first day of the Aviation Expo at the Hamilton Airport.  I was hoping to fly in, but the weather was a no-go.  The light rain was fine, but not the thunder storms.  I was shocked to see a few people did fly in during the storm!  Not a good idea!  Anyway, Chuck and I drove to the Airport this morning and arrived around 10:45.  There was a seminar run by Transport Canada that I wanted to attend.  I suggested to Chuck that he go wander around for a bit, because it would probably not be interesting to him at all.  I think he regretted not heeding my advice!  Oh well, it was only an hour and he survived.

We met up with a few of the folks from my RAA chapter.  I met a couple over by the National RAA booth.  I was happy to see our picture board standing proud!  I created the board with pictures of our members planes and projects.  One of our members made a really nice easel to display it on – I was really impressed with it!  A friend of mine (who is also a member) was nice enough to bring the board and easel to the Expo this morning.

Chuck and I had over two hours between the end of the first seminar and the second one, so we wandered around.  Due to the weather, the turn-out wasn’t as good as last year.

I was really looking forward to the second seminar.

Canadian Astronaut Dr. David Williams spoke to us for about an hour on his two missions into space.  It was amazing!  Some of the things he mentioned are just so hard to comprehend, such as the top speed of the space shuttle at 8 kilometers a second!  He had awesome pictures he took from space.  I had goose-bumps the whole time.  He was very nice and personable too.  He allowed us to take a picture with him:

The day was great (minus the fact that I couldn’t fly!)  I was considering going back tomorrow, only if I could fly there.  The weather is looking about the same as today though.  How pooped I am right now is well worth what I experienced today!  I think I’m going to scooch my kitties over a bit and flop on the bed.  I don’t really want to disturb them though – look how cute and content they are:

Today’s symptoms: A little more fatigued than normal, but was still able to last the day.  I think my body is starting to slip into a coma right now though…

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