Jersey Boys

It’s been a few days since my last blog entry.  Reason – nothing exciting has happened over the last week!  Blah!  At least today was a little better.  Chuck, Jan and I went to Shea’s Performing Arts in Buffalo to see Jersey Boys .  Chuck and I watched it in Toronto a few months ago.  I’m really not sure which performance I enjoyed more.  They were both great!  We had pretty good seats too.

We had an interesting drive back, especially when we got to the Peace Bridge.  Just as we arrived at the rather long line for customs, the supervisor walked out close to our car, and start directing cars into the two far left lanes.  People were scrambling to get up to the newly opened lanes, causing a fair bit of yelling from frustrated drivers and the supervisor.  Man, people are so impatient anymore!  At least it was amusing for the people (like us) who were in no real rush.  It was also amusing when we got up to the pay booth.  Chuck asked the guy if the charge would go through on his Nexus card.  The guy was clearly in a rather giddy mood and told us that the charge would not go through Nexus on this bridge “never, never, never, NEVER, NEVER…..”  He must have said “never” a dozen times!  At least he knows how to make his job interesting.

I don’t have too much planned for tomorrow other than studying for some tests for work…just try to control your jealousy.  I was hoping to go for a flight, but the weather isn’t looking too good.  Oh, I plan on cleaning the carpets too.  Again, control your jealousy!

Today’s symptoms: Feeling quite fatigued and weak again.  I seem to be having a hard time climbing out of this rut I’ve been in lately.

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 4/24/2010 8:27 PM

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