Yesterday’s Blog – Oops!

Even though we’re more than half way through April, it snowed for a few hours today.  How rude is that?  Tomorrow is supposed to be only a few degrees above zero, then it’s going to shoot up to 17 degrees on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, it’s going to be raining all day.

I’m hoping for some decent weather during the long Easter weekend.  I would really like to fly somewhere exciting (perhaps a little further than Welland).  I think there is a nice restaurant at the London Airport….hmmm….

Last week during the Marcel Dionne and Lizzy McFly event, I was interviewed by Mike from Niagara TV.  He did a really nice job.  You can check out the interview here:

 OK, so there is my blog from yesterday that I was too tired to post.  As for today, I had a really productive day at work.  I felt pretty good too!  I’m still doing fairly well with the MS fatigue – it’s getting a bit better each day.  I think I mentioned that I had some blood work done before my CCSVI surgery, and it showed an elevated white blood cell count.  I had it repeated last week as per my neurologist’s request.  He asked that I stop the monthly IV infusions of Tysabri until we get this issue figured out.  I found out today that my white blood cell count is still elevated.  This means that the Tysabri is still on hold.  On a bright note, the fact that I have an infection (somewhere!) may be contributing to my tiredness.  I’m waiting for a call back from the neurologist’s office to see where we’re going from here.

People at my office are starting to comment about my increased energy, mainly because it has lead to an increase in silliness.  They’re finding it quite entertaining!

Today’s symptoms: I became fairly tired by around noon today, and it fluctuated throughout the afternoon.  It’s leveled off quite a bit this evening.  My jaw was really hurting today for some reason.  The jaw pain has been more than tolerable for more than a month now.  Hmmmm…..

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 4/19/2011 7:23 PM

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