Tomorrow is the big day – the MS Walk!  The weather is looking very iffy right now, as it is every year for the Walk.  The MS Society really needs to arrange things with Environment Canada a little better so there is sun!  Jan came to St. Catharines today and we dropped off my pledges.  As of today, I have raised over $7000!  Yea!  That more than doubles my initial goal.  I received some more pledges today after I dropped off the first batch, so Chuck and Jan will be submitting them tomorrow before the Walk.  They will be doing the Port Dalhousie route this year.  This is also the first place I will fly over, then to Chippawa, then Welland and back to Port Dalhousie.  When we get back from the Walk, Chuck and I will be doing the draws for the winners of the flights (everyone who donated at the Marcel Dionne MS fundraiser as well as a few people who brought in completed pledge sheets.)  I’m sure I will have some good pictures to share on my blog tomorrow!To change the topic, I would like to promote a new product that I just tried.  It’s called Bissell Ewww Dog Stain and Odor Remover .  Wow!  It works wonders on cat poopies on the carpet!  For some reason, Abby likes to poop on the floor a few times a month.  I think she has psychological issues.  Anyway, she did a dilly on the floor this morning and I used my Bissell Ewww….the carpet was like new after!  It was on sale at PetSmart last week.  I may go back soon and stock up!

Speaking of kitties, here is one of bug eyed Abby:

Today’s symptoms: Feel better today than I have in the last week.  I plan on getting a good sleep tonight so I’m well rested for the flight tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

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