Marcel Dionne Event – A Success!

We had the Marcel Dionne and Walk for MS event last night.  When Jan and I first drove up to his store, we were really surprised at the size of their new restaurant, which just opened a few weeks ago.  I certainly didn’t expect it to be that big!  I think they’re going to do very well with it.  Jan and I are hoping to go back in a week or so to try their Friday night fish and chips!

Everything was set up beautifully in Marcel’s store.  Marcel, his family and staff yet again did an amazing job.  They provided great food, drinks and company.  I was really happy to see so many people come by that I know.  A few people from work showed up as well.  Someone I met at the event last year just had the CCSVI surgery a few months ago.  I couldn’t believe how well he looked and that he was moving around unaided.  He said that his progress has been slow and steady.  Like me, he didn’t go into the surgery expecting to jump off the surgery table completely symptom-free.  He is walking well, his vision has improved, he has feeling in his finger tips, and also isn’t as fatigued.  The lessening of the fatigue is certainly what I am hoping for the most. 

Part way through the evening, Marcel made a wonderful speech.  I was also asked to come up and say a few words.  At the end, I became very emotional, mainly from all of the support that surrounded me. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures last night.  Someone (I won’t mention any names, but his name rhymes with Hames), took quite a few so I’ll have to bum them from him sometime.  Chuck did take this one photo of me, expressing what I thought of the night:

It was my day off today, but I didn’t really feel like doing too much.  I received a call from my neurologist yesterday, saying he wants me to go off of my monthly Tysabri infusions until I have my blood work rechecked.  I had it done last month and my white blood cell count was a little elevated.  I managed to drag my butt over to the lab and get the blood drawn this afternoon.  Hopefully the levels will be back to normal.  Mind you, maybe I have an infection which is causing me to be more tired than normal (more tired than fatigued).

Today’s symptoms: Just tired again!  I also realized yesterday that I have not had a headache since the surgery.  I used to have a headache every day for over ten years!  Yea!

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 4/14/2011 7:24 PM

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