Marcel Dionne MS Fundraiser

I think I had one of the best evenings of my life yesterday.  April 8th was the MS fundraiser at Marcel Dionne’s store in Niagara Falls.  I was blown away by the set up when my mother and I arrived around 5:00pm.  There were tables, lounging areas and a huge spread of food and wine.  Marcel Dionne and his family went above and beyond my expectations for this event.  The number of people that attended was equally amazing.  There were around 70 to 80 people!  It was a huge hit!  Everyone raved about the great food catered by Tony Roma’s which included ribs, chicken wings, breaded shrimp, ceasar salad and cole slaw.  There were also the plentiful sandwich, cheese, meat, fruit and veggie trays graciously brought in by Marcel and his wife Carol.  Again, I was completely shocked by their generosity.  Marcel and Carol also had a wonderful selection of wine and beer.  And when that wasn’t enough, they also had a wonderful singer there, performing all evening.  There’s more…..Rene Robert  (former Buffalo Sabre) and Steve Ludzik (former Chicago Blackhawk) were in attendance!


Chuck’s Office Manager donated many hours that evening, taking pledges at the door.  She was a wonderful greeter and I am so grateful for her time and efforts!  Some of the folks from Chuck’s office came in with filled pledge sheets and donations!  Also, some of his friends and business associates did the same – I couldn’t believe it!

Some of my friends from work and back home in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Fonthill also joined us at the event!

Marcel called everyone into the main room and made a wonderful speech about the event and some of the special guests.  He then handed the floor over to me to let everyone know why I was there and the true meaning of why we were holding the fundraiser.

The whole night was absolutely perfect and I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate everything Marcel, his family and staff and Chuck did for me and the MS Society.  Thank you so much!!!  Because of this event in conjunction with my previous fundraising efforts, I was able to exceed my goal of $3500!  I will post my final amount after the Walk for MS on April 18th!

Today’s symptoms:  I was a little more tired than usual today, due to all of the excitement last night.  Being tired has never been more worth it!

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