Radio Ga-Ga

Perfect, wonderful day!  I had the honour of being on a few local radio stations today.  Hockey legend Marcel Dionne and I were invited to promote our Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser.  It takes place tomorrow (April 8th) at his store Marcel Dionne Inc., 4424 Montrose Rd., Niagara Falls, between 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  We will have food donated and catered by Tony Roma’s (yummy!)  We both met at the radio station for 8:00am this morning, to speak with Jack and Lori at 105.7 ez rock .  They are both such a riot!  Actually, I arrived rather early just so I could enjoy their antics before Marcel and I went on.  They did such a wonderful job promoting our fundraising event, the Walk for MS (April 18th) and Marcel’s store!  If you like sports, you must visit his store – it’s HUGE!  5000 square feet!  Here’s a picture of the four of us after our on-air chat:

I think that’s an orb of kindness, floating above Jack’s head.

After 105.7, we were ushered down the hall to 610 CKTB for a chat with Tim Denis. Another great interview, promoting the MS fundraisers and Marcel’s store!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic with Tim!  We were a little rushed to go next door to the 97.7 htzfm folks.  They all seemed to be hard core hockey fans, so I had the pleasure of sitting back and listening to some sportage-chat.  It was interesting to listen to some of Marcel’s history.  They also graciously promoted the MS events – it was greatly appreciated!  Really a great group:

I’m still smiling from my perfect day!

I can’t wait until the MS fundraiser tomorrow!

Today’s symptoms:  I still haven’t been sleeping well, so I was a tad groggy today.  I’ve had a pretty bad headache since about 3:00.  Perhaps I should take something for it…..hmmmmmm……

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