What a perfect day.  I had an aerobatic lesson this morning.  We reviewed loops then rolls.  I was shown how to recover from a roll gone horribly wrong.  Kinda nice to know!  I’m glad I will now be able to practice rolls on my own.  I went up by myself yesterday and did about fifteen loops – at least now there will be a little more variety.  I’m hoping to go up again tomorrow to practice what I learned today.  I’ll have to start posting videos on my video page soon.

I think Chuck and I should have picked up groceries yesterday, rather than leave it for tomorrow.  I’m assuming the grocery stores and malls are going to be mad houses the day before Easter.  I will be preparing Easter dinner for my entire family this year.  Let’s see, there will be Chuck, my mother and I….yup, that’s it!

There was an amazing full moon out the other night.  I should have taken a picture at night but I did manage to snap this one in the morning:

Today’s symptoms: I hardly slept last night due to a headache and restless leg syndrome.  I felt fine this morning, but my energy took a dive around 2:00.  I’ve being in bed like a blonde blob ever since!

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