Vacation Day!

I used up the remaining vacation hours I could not carry over to the next fiscal year (we’re only allowed to carry over 262.5 hours).  Jan and I went over to Buffalo for some shopping.  We stopped at Tim Horton’s in the States, and were thrilled to see they had the pumpkin spice muffins available.  They’re only available in Canada around October and November.  After slurping back our coffee and goodies, we went over to the Christmas Tree Shops, which surprisingly has nothing to do with Christmas!  They do have a nice selection of holiday items around Christmas, but the rest of the time, it’s similar to Liquidation World.  We didn’t find anything to purchase, so we headed out to a few other stores where Jan found a bunch of tiny little tops and blouses to wear.  Next was Target where I picked up a bunch of T-Shirts for Chuck.  We then went to the Boulevard Mall, but didn’t stay too long as we were pretty much shopped out!  It was a very productive day as my mother got a ton of new clothes, some nice stuff for Chuck and I bought myself two pair of gotchies!  Yea for gotchies!

 Looks like the weather is going to be really nice for Easter weekend.  I hope to get some (or a lot!) of flying in, which will hopefully include an aerobatic lesson.

Symptoms for today:  Another good day!  I just had a headache and my jaw was hurting quite a bit.  The fatigue caught up with me after about three hours of shopping, so that’s not too bad.

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