Marcel Dionne

I had a wonderful, but flight-free weekend.  Actually, it started Friday night when I went to a friend’s house for an Arbonne party.  We had a total blast and I didn’t leave until 2:00 am!  I was actually having the best day symptom-wise I’ve had in months, which made the evening/night even better.  I did notice that I was coming down with something, because my headache was different.  Sure enough, I woke up around 4:30 am with a nasty sinus headache.  I took some Advil Sinus and went back to bed.  I had a big morning on Saturday, so I wanted to make sure I got the best sleep possible. 


Around 10:30 am, Chuck and I headed over to hockey legend Marcel Dionne’s shop.  We toured around the store while Marcel was busy with a customer.  I was blown away with how big it was….5000 square feet!  We sat and talked with Marcel and then he showed us around some more.  I am still in shock with regards to how much he is doing for the Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser on April 8th.  It will be at his store (4424 Montrose Road in Niagara Falls) from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  We’re going to have food very generously catered by Tony Roma’s.  Marcel may be able to get a couple retired Buffalo Sabres players to join us.  He was just so nice to speak with and I just can’t find the words to tell him how much this event means to me.  Here’s a picture Chuck took before we left:

I’m so excited to see Marcel again on April the 8th – hope to see you there as well!

I was hoping to go up with my instructor for an aerobatic lesson on Sunday, but I was still dealing with the sinus infection.  I made a batch of fudge when I got up in the morning, and drove out to the airport to deliver it to my instructor and the folks working on his new plane:

He mentioned that he saw my mother and I on TV.  He said by the look of my little mother, the camera man must have practically angled the camera down to the ground, just to get her in the shot!

After leaving the airport on Sunday, I drove to Fonthill to visit my micro-mother.  We had a good day!  She’s coming over tomorrow and we’re going to Buffalo to shop and wander around.

Today’s symptoms: Still a bad sinus headache, but my energy is a bit better than it’s been over the last couple of months. 

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