Hammock Mishap

I have always wanted to try a hammock.  Yup, I’ve never been in/on one.  Chuck has one on a large, 15′ frame.  We decided to set it up in the living room – just so I could try it.  We got the frame set up, then he pulled out the hammock.  The room suddenly filled with the smell of stale, crusty burritos.  I asked him if he was having some gastrointestinal issues, but he assured me it was just the hammock.  Lovely.  I asked how long he had it and he said about twenty years.  Once the fabric was strung, I asked him how I was to hop on.  He held it flat while I sat down.  I tried to ignore the dead larvae and pod-like white carcasses, as I lowered myself down.  I thought I was drooping a little lower than I should, but attributed it to my added weight from being bloated.  Once seated, I began to swing myself around into the horizontal position.  Just as my legs left the ground, we both heard a gut wrenching tearing sound….rip…rip..rip..ripripriprip…..I crashed down to the floor, with my right butt cheek slamming onto the centre part of the frame.  There I was, in a heap of blonde cuteness and rotted, burrito hammock!  Chuck and I both started laughing hysterically, wishing we caught the incident on video.  I could take a picture of my bruised bum, but it just won’t do the event any justice.  So there’s how my first (and last!) hammock experience played out!  If anyone out there would like to purchase a sturdy hammock stand, it’s for sale for $40!

Fortunately, my day on Saturday was far less painful.  I had another aerobatic lesson and my instructor took me up in his Decathlon.  It was amazing!  We flew upside-down for what seemed like a full minute!  Actually, Chuck was filming us and caught us when we turned upside-down.  He stopped the camera before we righted ourselves, so I’m not sure how long we were actually inverted – it was at least 30 seconds.  We did some more practice with rolls and how to recover from one that goes awry.  It was an absolute blast and I was smiling for the rest of the day.  I felt bad about one thing though – he wanted to take me up in my 150 Aerobat after we landed his Decathlon, but my stomach just wasn’t up for anymore “unusual attitudes!”  I hope the weather allows for more lessons in the near future.

Gee, I don’t really have any pictures to post with regards to the blog today.  Hmmmm…..well, here’s an unrelated one.  It’s little Abby when she was just a wee kitten:

And her siblings:

Symptoms for today:  I’m just a little tired with a headache, but that’s about it! 

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