Coffee In Hamilton

I had the day off today so Jan and I decided to take a trip to the Hamilton Airport in the morning for a coffee.  My plane was plugged in, getting his oil all heated and cozy for our flight:

It was a very calm day, although the visibility wasn’t quite as good as it seemed from the ground.  Regardless, it was a nice flight.  On the way to Hamilton, we were flying directly into the wind, so our speed wasn’t spectacular.  We arrived at Hamilton around the same time as a helicopter, seen here as a mere speck just above the horizon near the left edge of the picture:

My mother always seems to take some really neat and unique pictures, like this one:

We taxied over to the Warplane Heritage Museum.  A Harvard patiently waited for us to pass, before he made his way over to the runway.  Both the pilot and co-pilot waved to us as we passed.  It was only until we were leaving that the Harvard came back.  The pilot in the back seat was a guest speaker at one of our Recreational Aircraft Association meetings a few months ago.  We are arranging to meet up with him at the museum in April to take a tour of the Lancaster.  Here is the yellow Harvard waiting for us:

Another plane we taxied passed:

Could little Vyctor look any more cute and innocent (like me)?!:

Jan and I had some toast and coffee at the museum restaurant.  We watched as a fire truck drove around the apron, discharging the hose.  I was hoping he would give Vyctor a little wash, but he didn’t. 

Here’s a shot of the Lancaster I mentioned earlier.  They have it up on jacks (stirrups) and it’s having its yearly physical:

The flight back only took about 20 minutes, with the wind at our back.  After we landed, we bid farewell to Vyctor and headed back to the Pen Centre.  Jan was looking for some more clothes, but no luck today.  I think we’ll have to take a trip over the river soon.

Today’s symptoms:  Another decent day.  I’ve had three days this week where I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in the last month in a half.  Perhaps this little MS blip I’m going through is coming to an end!

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