Month: March 2010

Vacation Day!

I used up the remaining vacation hours I could not carry over to the next fiscal year (we’re only allowed to carry over 262.5 hours).  Jan and I went over to Buffalo for some shopping.  We stopped at Tim Horton’s in the States, and were thrilled to see they had the pumpkin spice muffins available.  They’re only available in Canada around October and November.  After slurping back our coffee and goodies, we went over to the Christmas Tree Shops, which surprisingly has nothing to do with Christmas!  They do have a nice selection of holiday items around Christmas, but the rest of the time, it’s similar to Liquidation World.  We didn’t find anything to purchase, so we headed out to a few other stores where Jan found a bunch of tiny little tops and blouses to wear.  Next was Target where I picked up a bunch of T-Shirts for Chuck.  We then went to the Boulevard Mall, but didn’t stay too long as we were pretty much shopped out!  It was a very productive day as my mother got a ton of new clothes, some nice stuff for Chuck and I bought myself two pair of gotchies!  Yea for gotchies!

 Looks like the weather is going to be really nice for Easter weekend.  I hope to get some (or a lot!) of flying in, which will hopefully include an aerobatic lesson.

Symptoms for today:  Another good day!  I just had a headache and my jaw was hurting quite a bit.  The fatigue caught up with me after about three hours of shopping, so that’s not too bad.

Marcel Dionne

I had a wonderful, but flight-free weekend.  Actually, it started Friday night when I went to a friend’s house for an Arbonne party.  We had a total blast and I didn’t leave until 2:00 am!  I was actually having the best day symptom-wise I’ve had in months, which made the evening/night even better.  I did notice that I was coming down with something, because my headache was different.  Sure enough, I woke up around 4:30 am with a nasty sinus headache.  I took some Advil Sinus and went back to bed.  I had a big morning on Saturday, so I wanted to make sure I got the best sleep possible. 


Around 10:30 am, Chuck and I headed over to hockey legend Marcel Dionne’s shop.  We toured around the store while Marcel was busy with a customer.  I was blown away with how big it was….5000 square feet!  We sat and talked with Marcel and then he showed us around some more.  I am still in shock with regards to how much he is doing for the Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser on April 8th.  It will be at his store (4424 Montrose Road in Niagara Falls) from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.  We’re going to have food very generously catered by Tony Roma’s.  Marcel may be able to get a couple retired Buffalo Sabres players to join us.  He was just so nice to speak with and I just can’t find the words to tell him how much this event means to me.  Here’s a picture Chuck took before we left:

I’m so excited to see Marcel again on April the 8th – hope to see you there as well!

I was hoping to go up with my instructor for an aerobatic lesson on Sunday, but I was still dealing with the sinus infection.  I made a batch of fudge when I got up in the morning, and drove out to the airport to deliver it to my instructor and the folks working on his new plane:

He mentioned that he saw my mother and I on TV.  He said by the look of my little mother, the camera man must have practically angled the camera down to the ground, just to get her in the shot!

After leaving the airport on Sunday, I drove to Fonthill to visit my micro-mother.  We had a good day!  She’s coming over tomorrow and we’re going to Buffalo to shop and wander around.

Today’s symptoms: Still a bad sinus headache, but my energy is a bit better than it’s been over the last couple of months. 

A Star Is Born!

I was able to take advantage of the amazing weather yesterday.  I’m still trying to use up some vacation hours that are above and beyond what I can carry over into the new fiscal.  I took a couple hours off yesterday and went for a flight.  I didn’t go far – I just ascended to about 4000′ above the airport and worked on my loops.  I did at least ten, plus some stalls and spins.  I then joined the circuit and did three touch and go’s and my final landing.  It was really a nice flight.  I’m looking forward to my next aerobatic lesson.

I had the day off today (compressed) and my mother and I went to some stores around St. Catharines.  Our first stop is usually Tim Hortons.  We decided to go to the one just off of the QEW near Glendale.  As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed the CHCH News van next to an empty spot.  I eased my car into the spot a little slower than normal, as the camera dude was standing on the curb in front of the space, facing the other way.  The reporter was watching, and started laughing as I slowly edged up, and stopped before pegging him off.  We got out and Lauran Sabourin approached us about a story they were doing, regarding careless driving.  I told her I could have demonstrated it if I had taken out her camera man!  She asked if we would say a few words about cars getting flat tires or running out of gas while driving on the Skyway, and we agreed.  Here’s a snap shot of us on the news:

Aren’t we cute?
After we chatted on camera, I mentioned to her about how I will be flying my plane over the Walk For MS sites in Niagara this year.  I was hoping she could do a story on it, and I handed her a couple of my brochures and cards.  I really hope she calls!  What a great way to get the word out there for this fund raising event (April 18th).  You can follow the link through my home page to get to my fund raising site and make a pledge.  We are also joining hockey legend Marcel Dionne on April 8th at his store in Niagara Falls, to try and raise more money for the Walk.


I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday.  I still have to use up one more full day of vacation leave by March 31, so I might take Monday off.  The weather isn’t looking too good though, so we’ll see.

Today’s symptoms: Feeling pretty good.  I’m just drained from our day of running around, and I have a fairly bad headache.

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Hammock Mishap

I have always wanted to try a hammock.  Yup, I’ve never been in/on one.  Chuck has one on a large, 15′ frame.  We decided to set it up in the living room – just so I could try it.  We got the frame set up, then he pulled out the hammock.  The room suddenly filled with the smell of stale, crusty burritos.  I asked him if he was having some gastrointestinal issues, but he assured me it was just the hammock.  Lovely.  I asked how long he had it and he said about twenty years.  Once the fabric was strung, I asked him how I was to hop on.  He held it flat while I sat down.  I tried to ignore the dead larvae and pod-like white carcasses, as I lowered myself down.  I thought I was drooping a little lower than I should, but attributed it to my added weight from being bloated.  Once seated, I began to swing myself around into the horizontal position.  Just as my legs left the ground, we both heard a gut wrenching tearing sound….rip……..I crashed down to the floor, with my right butt cheek slamming onto the centre part of the frame.  There I was, in a heap of blonde cuteness and rotted, burrito hammock!  Chuck and I both started laughing hysterically, wishing we caught the incident on video.  I could take a picture of my bruised bum, but it just won’t do the event any justice.  So there’s how my first (and last!) hammock experience played out!  If anyone out there would like to purchase a sturdy hammock stand, it’s for sale for $40!

Fortunately, my day on Saturday was far less painful.  I had another aerobatic lesson and my instructor took me up in his Decathlon.  It was amazing!  We flew upside-down for what seemed like a full minute!  Actually, Chuck was filming us and caught us when we turned upside-down.  He stopped the camera before we righted ourselves, so I’m not sure how long we were actually inverted – it was at least 30 seconds.  We did some more practice with rolls and how to recover from one that goes awry.  It was an absolute blast and I was smiling for the rest of the day.  I felt bad about one thing though – he wanted to take me up in my 150 Aerobat after we landed his Decathlon, but my stomach just wasn’t up for anymore “unusual attitudes!”  I hope the weather allows for more lessons in the near future.

Gee, I don’t really have any pictures to post with regards to the blog today.  Hmmmm…..well, here’s an unrelated one.  It’s little Abby when she was just a wee kitten:

And her siblings:

Symptoms for today:  I’m just a little tired with a headache, but that’s about it! 

Coffee In Hamilton

I had the day off today so Jan and I decided to take a trip to the Hamilton Airport in the morning for a coffee.  My plane was plugged in, getting his oil all heated and cozy for our flight:

It was a very calm day, although the visibility wasn’t quite as good as it seemed from the ground.  Regardless, it was a nice flight.  On the way to Hamilton, we were flying directly into the wind, so our speed wasn’t spectacular.  We arrived at Hamilton around the same time as a helicopter, seen here as a mere speck just above the horizon near the left edge of the picture:

My mother always seems to take some really neat and unique pictures, like this one:

We taxied over to the Warplane Heritage Museum.  A Harvard patiently waited for us to pass, before he made his way over to the runway.  Both the pilot and co-pilot waved to us as we passed.  It was only until we were leaving that the Harvard came back.  The pilot in the back seat was a guest speaker at one of our Recreational Aircraft Association meetings a few months ago.  We are arranging to meet up with him at the museum in April to take a tour of the Lancaster.  Here is the yellow Harvard waiting for us:

Another plane we taxied passed:

Could little Vyctor look any more cute and innocent (like me)?!:

Jan and I had some toast and coffee at the museum restaurant.  We watched as a fire truck drove around the apron, discharging the hose.  I was hoping he would give Vyctor a little wash, but he didn’t. 

Here’s a shot of the Lancaster I mentioned earlier.  They have it up on jacks (stirrups) and it’s having its yearly physical:

The flight back only took about 20 minutes, with the wind at our back.  After we landed, we bid farewell to Vyctor and headed back to the Pen Centre.  Jan was looking for some more clothes, but no luck today.  I think we’ll have to take a trip over the river soon.

Today’s symptoms:  Another decent day.  I’ve had three days this week where I’ve had more energy than I’ve had in the last month in a half.  Perhaps this little MS blip I’m going through is coming to an end!

Head Cheese

There was a tragic and almost fatal incident at the apartment today.  I usually visit my mother on Sunday, but today we decided to go to the Pen Centre, so she drove to our apartment.  Chuck and I were standing in the kitchen and my mother was standing a few feet away in the hall by the front door.  Chuck decided to munch on a big ol’ chunk of cheese – Gouda, I believe.  I was trying to advise him to take smaller nibbles and savor the flavour, rather than his typical manly inhalations of the food.  To protest, he took a huge bite from the large block of cheese.  I gasped, then smacked his cheese hand upwards.  Within an instant, the massive dairy product was airborne, spiraling upward and outward toward my mother’s vicinity.  Everything seemed to go in slow motion.  I could see the cheese projectile spinning, with well defined teeth marks, heading straight toward my helpless mother.  At the time of the launch, she was bent over, putting something in a bag on the floor.  There was nothing I could do to stop what was going to happen next.  She had no clue of her impending doom.  The missile arched downward and smacked my poor mother on her tiny, unprotected head.  Chuck dashed out of the other end of the kitchen, through the dinning room, then around to my mother who was almost comatose in the hall.  She said “Oww!  What the heck was that?”  Still crouched over, she picked up the half-eaten brick of cheese.  I don’t think she realized what it was until it was in her hand.  Chuck was there, with his outstretched hand.  I still don’t have any idea if he was more concerned about my poor little mother or his lunch!  Jan handed him his cheese, which has now been on her head then on the floor.  He waited until his hysterical laughter subsided before he started devouring the near cause of my mother’s demise.  I guess the ten second rule applies with cheese that has bounced off of someone’s head.  Fortunately, my mother recovered and we were still able to have a productive shopping trip at the Pen Centre.

Today’s symptoms:  Today was the best day I’ve had in over a month.  Let’s hope it continues.  I did break out in hives yesterday, and I still have them (but not as bad) today.  This is something I dealt with (chronic urticaria) for over a year while in university.

Counting Sheep

I haven’t been sleeping well lately and decided to try counting sheep.  It didn’t go well.  I made it to ten before things turned weird.  Sheep eleven and twelve decided that normal fence jumping was no longer “cool.”  They started freestyle jumping – spins, turns, hoof-clicking, flips, etc.  Around nineteen and twenty, the sheep started wearing Olympic style outfits (very streamlined).  I found these little sheep quite fascinating and I actually became more awake than before I started!  I think this little guy is what started it all:

I still have three days of vacation I need to use up by the end of March (we can “only” carry over 262 hours).  I think I’ll take tomorrow off.  The weather is supposed to be decent during the day, so I can go for a flight.  I also want to get my taxes done.  I have some cleaning to do in the apartment too – try to contain your jealousy.  Oh, I need to get caught up on my emails and Facebook messages as well. 

Today’s symptoms:  Today wasn’t too bad, but I started to lose a fair bit of my energy just after lunch.  I can sleep in tomorrow, so hopefully that will help a bit.  I had some pretty frequent flu-like pains in my arms and hands too.

Fiddle Sticks

I had yesterday off so my little mother and I flew to Brantford.  It was her first flight in Vyctor.  The weather was amazing and it was a really smooth ride there and back.  I had to pick up my seat cushions from Aircraft Spruce at the airport.  I like sitting high up in the plane.  Also, my mother likes to see over the dash.  She was sitting so high up, her little feet were just a’dangling.  Chuck and I went to the Aircraft Spruce grand opening last summer.  Here are some of the pictures from the event – see if you can spot me!  Before we went to the store, we each had toast and coffee at the restaurant called the Skyway Cafe.  The restaurant is always packed on the weekends.  Chuck and I usually have to wait for a table to open up.  After our meal, we walked over to the store, then back to cute, little Vyctor for our flight home.  Jan snapped a few shots on the way back:

I was able to take advantage of the nice weather again today.  I took up someone from my office.  He has been up with me before.  We flew around Niagara for about an hour.  Here are a couple pics I took:

It was an amazing day for flying and I think my passenger quite enjoyed himself!

Speaking of enjoyment, check out the photos of my weird kitties, basking in the sun on the couch.  I was quite surprised to see little Mya draped over Abby:

It’s so rewarding to have such normal children….

Today’s symptoms:  I’m slowly climbing back from the depths of el’yucko-fatigue-o.  I’m starting to feel a little better each day.

Marching On….

The weather was poopy this weekend so I wasn’t able to go flying.  However, things seem to be looking up later in the week.  I have Thursday off, so my mother and I will probably fly to Brantford to pick up the seat cushions I ordered from Aircraft Spruce.  They have a restaurant at the airport, so we’ll be able to get a little snack and coffee before we head back to St. Catharines.

Back to the weekend, the clouds were really low on Saturday and I noticed an interesting sight.  The bright lights from the Fairview Mall area were bouncing off the low clouds, and caused them to glow.  This picture doesn’t quite give it justice, but I tried:

Another interesting sight was little Abby’s first encounter with the snow.  There was snowage on the balcony and she was quite surprised when it hit her paws:

She was just a’skidding!  A skiddy-kitty!

While Abby was out, frolicking in the snow, little Mya was snug as a bug on the bed:

She doesn’t have time for the silliness of Abby.

So here we are, the first day of March.   I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, my friend from work said that I would start to feel physically better (after my month-long slump) today.  Actually, I got up around 6:30 for work, but decided to stay at home and let my body recover some more.  Mind you, I have over four days of vacation to use up by the end of the month.  I seem to have an issue with hoarding vacation leave.  We’re only allowed to carry over 262 hours each year, and I always am forced to use up my hours to get down to that figure.

I hopefully that I will have some joyous adventures to share with y’all during this week.  Not too much has happened recently and I would greatly love the opportunity to spice up my blogage with some crazy antics and tales!

Today’s symptoms:  I’m feeling quite a bit better, since getting extra sleep today.  I had to tell my stubborn self to chill out and relax.  Not easy since I don’t like to just lay around, not being productive.