I headed out to the airport around 8:45 today.  It was my first aerobatic lesson and was I pumped!  I had many people recommend an aerobatic instructor and I’m so glad I listened.  We met at the Flying Club and went over some material before our flight.  He was very thorough and explained everything so well.  He was also nice enough to lend me one of his parachutes.  It is not essential to wear a parachute during aerobatics, but not a bad idea! 

It was such a perfect, clear and calm day.  The weather hasn’t been this nice in quite some time, and according to the forecast, it’s not going to be clear for about a week. 

Here I am with the chute on, ready to climb on board:

I must say, I sure wasn’t too graceful while climbing into the seat with the parachute on, but at least it was entertaining!

I’m just trying to get my harness done up, and organize the cockpit:

Ready to rock:

The flight was amazing.  My instructor talked me through each maneuver, starting with loops then slow rolls.  I was actually surprised how long we were up and how many maneuvers we did before I started to feel a little nauseous!  I’m sure it will take a few more hours of aerobatic flight before my stomach is totally comfortable with my new hobby.

Our entire flight was directly over the airport, at 3000 – 3500 feet.  Chuck was down below, attempting to take video of the flight.  However, we were too high up to get any decent footage.  I think he still enjoyed the show.
After my amazing morning, I headed out to Fonthill to visit my little mother.  We just went out for a coffee, then wandered around the mall for a while.  I got some of my Christmas shopping done!  How’s that for a head start?

Today’s symptoms:  I think I’m finally over the physical funk I’ve been dealing with for the last few weeks.  It’s hard to accept the fact that I take so long to recover – I have a hard time forcing myself to chill out and let my body rest!  I’m stubborn, but I mean well.  ***sheepish grin***

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