Vyctor’s Inspection

My new plane (Vyctor) was all ready for his import inspection today.  My mechanic had an inspector come in from London to check over the plane.  Since the plane came in from the States, we had to make sure everything was up to Canadian standards.  There were quite a few items that needed repairs and adjustments (magnetos repaired, propeller overhauled, harnesses rewebbed, cracks in the wheel pants, the engine needed to be remounted, etc.)  Nothing really major, but some of the things were not up to Cessna standards and regulations – they are now!  The inspector arrived at the airport just after 9:00 this morning, and I met up with him around 9:30.  We went over all of the paperwork and I signed some forms.  My mechanic and I left the inspector to his inspection of the plane and log books.  I think he was there for about three hours.  I was so relieved when my mechanic phoned and said that the plane passed the inspection.  Mind you, having total trust in my mechanic and knowing how meticulous and by-the-book he is, I really wasn’t worried.  It feels good to know that I now have a very safe plane, fully up to Cessna and Canadian standards. 

Today was the first day I saw Vyctor with his new registration plastered on his sassy tail:

Cute, eh?  Gee, Lyz!

Here are a couple more pics of little Vyc during his inspection.  He was feeling a little exposed and vulnerable.

Here’s a picture of the freshly rewebbed harnesses.  Cessna requires rewebbing of the harnesses every ten years.  I preferred the original blue belts, but the black ones don’t look too bad:

Ok, last pic:

I’m doing overtime at work tomorrow, starting at 8:00.  I think we can work until 2:00, however, I’ll probably finish around 12:00 so I can get over to the airport and take Vyctor for his first flight as a Canadian citizen. 
Stay tuned later this weekend for pics and stories from our flight together!

Today’s symptoms:  It’s been a really rough week physically, mainly weakness.  However, I’m feeling quite a bit better today.  I’m going to get a good sleep tonight so I’m able to hit the skies tomorrow!

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