Jann Arden Rules!

What an exciting week!  On Wednesday, my mother and I drove to the Downsview Airport and went on a tour of the Bombardier Aircraft plant through the Women In Aviation group.  We arrived around 6:30 and the tour started soon after 7:00.  There were 27 people in the group.  They said it would be 1.5 hours but it went over 2.5!  It was a little long, especially with the one hour and twenty minute drive home, but it was still great.  The tour guide brought us over to one of the engines that was ready to be mounted – he said it was $2 million!  Wow!  Here is one of the aircraft they produce – it’s a Bombardier Q400:

We got home quite late.  Fortunately, I had Thursday off as one of my compressed days.  Good thing, because last night we drove to Hamilton to see Jann Arden.  I’ve been to quite a few concerts and this was by far the best.  She was amazing and so funny!  She was cracking jokes and making funny comments between and even during songs!  I will have to see her again next year when she comes back to Hamilton.

Before we went to the concert, we ate at The Honest Lawyer in Jackson Square.  There used to be one across from the CRA office in St. Catharines.  Unfortunately, it closed a few years ago.  The food was great.  I asked our waiter-dude to take our picture.  He agreed but first took a picture of himself.  Here’s your moment of fame, waiter-guy!

Chuck and I are going to Toronto tomorrow and staying until Sunday.  We’re going to stay at the Hilton right at Pearson Airport, with a perfect view of the planes a’comin and a’goin.  Should be a great weekend!

I guess I won’t get to visit Vyctor this weekend.  Hopefully he’ll be ready to rock in a couple more weeks:

Today’s symptoms:  I think I had a little too much excitement this week!  I was very fatigued today with quite a few sharp pains in my limbs and hyper-sensitivity. 

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