I think if I win a very large lottery, I’m going to buy a slew of aerobatic airplanes and start an aerobatic flight school.  I will have an Elizafleet of planes and I will hire instructors that are highly proficient in aerobatics.  I will call it Elizabatics Flight School.  Ah yes, I can see it now!

Back to reality.  I did my presentation for the Zonta Club last night.  What a great bunch of people!  I felt so comfortable around them and wasn’t even nervous giving my presentation.  It was just about my life, the challenges I’ve faced, the changes I’ve made, and just about being generally positive in life.  They had their meeting at the St. Catharines Club.  It was my first time there and it’s very impressive!  So, the night was great – great company, food and environment.

Tomorrow I’m driving to Toronto to take a tour of the Bombardier plant.  It should be interesting.  I just wish it wasn’t in Toronto – yucky drive!  The next night my mother and I are going to the Jann Arden concert in Hamilton.  What a crazy week I’m having!

I saw little Vyctor today.  He was sitting in his hanger, bits and pieces missing and all over the place.  His seat belts are in Winnipeg, his propeller is in Toronto and his rudder is in Welland.  Hopefully his inspection will be completed soon so they can reassemble him for his first flight as a Canadian!  Yea!

I can’t wait to tweak his little nose like this again:

Today’s symptoms: I was really weak and tired today.  I had some crushing pains in my hands, which I haven’t experienced for the last year or so.

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