Tiny Zipper

My little mother broke the tiny, little zipper on her coat the other week.  I offered to take it to my tailor’s to have the zipper replaced.  I went back to pick it up about five days later.  The tailor said she is still working on the coat as she is having a hard time finding a replacement zipper that is short enough.  I suggested she just take the fly off a pair of jeans, as it would be about the right length.  To my delight, she heeded my advice and was able to locate a short zipper (about three teeth in length).  It sufficiently stretched its way from the collar to the bottom of the jacket.

On Monday, I will be giving a “motivational” presentation to the Zonta Club in St. Catharines.  I did a similar presentation during a women’s day event at work last year.  I will be able to use some of the previous presentation, but will have to tweak it a little to add in some items over the last year (like the new airplane!)  I’m really looking forward to it.

This upcoming week is going to be rather busy.  I have to give the presentation on Monday, I’m going to Toronto to tour the Bombardier plant on Wednesday, the Jann Arden concert on Thursday then a retirement party (unfortunately not mine!) on Friday.  Yikes!

Today’s symptoms:  I slept in past 9:30 today.  I didn’t sleep well last night due to a bout of restless leg syndrome.  Other than that, I’m feeling just a little tired!

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