My Perfect Mother

I just wanted to take this opportunity to write about my perfect little mother.  She is sitting at home tonight, thinking about whether or not she wants to adopt a cute, fluffy little seven month old kitten, who is in desperate need of a loving home.  I would absolutely love for her to adopt him, because she has always loved having my cats around when I lived with her.  She will deny this if you mention it to her, and simply say that she just tolerated them.  Yeah, that’s why she was always petting them, giving them treats and talking to them in a loving and sweet voice.  She is a closet cat lady!  Maybe she thinks that if she adopts this kitten, people will think that she isn’t as tough as she tries to portray.  Ok, she doesn’t actually try to act so hardened, but she tries to keep her soft and loving side hidden to some degree.  No one will think anything other than she is an even more caring and giving person than she already is!  Just think of the fans she will gain from such a selfless and nurturing act – this kitten adoption will make her famous!  I will be the envy of throngs of devoted followers, wishing they were the ones with the most amazing mother EVER!  Not only will I be so lucky, but as will the little fluff-ball she lovingly invites into her home and heart.  I have a tear trickling down my cheek at the thought…

I would like my perfect mother to check out the following videos: 

Kitten Tease

Best Cat Video Ever

So there you have it folks – I officially have the BEST MOTHER EVER! 

Today’s symptoms: Still having a batch of good days!  My fatigue isn’t too bad, just some superficial sensitivity on my arms and legs.

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