Applebee’s Encore

Chuck and I drove to Rochester today to do some post-Christmas shopping.  My main purchase was a very warm winter coat that I could use for the airplane.  I only had a Spring coat and a long, dressy winter coat, which weren’t very conducive to airplane inspection and flying.  My new coat is The North Face brand from Dick’s Sporting Goods. 

We are in a motel close to the Marketplace Mall.  Tomorrow, we will be going to the Mall at Greece RidgeWe missed visiting this mall the last time we came to Rochester (in October or November – I forget!) 

For dinner, we visited one of our favourite restaurants – Applebee’s!  Our hostessessessess’s name was Carol and she was very nice and accommodating.  She quickly corrected our broccoli shortage (double order of broccoli instead of fries) when my meal was brought out with fries.  She was shocked and dismayed at the grandiose error from the kitchen.  We told her we would mention her kind and loving service which she provided to us, in my Elizablog.  Here you go Carol – you just hit the big time!  And you earned it! 
Here are some photos of our lovely meals (after a few nibbles by both parties):

While we were waiting for our meals, we played “Truth or Dare” on my iPod Touch.  One of the Dares was for Chuck to do a handstand.  He was too wussy so I had to do it instead:

That’s about it for today.  I will try to write again tomorrow night.

Today’s symptoms:  I have been feeling pretty darn good.  I survived five hours of mall wandering plus dinner at Applebee’s.  Hopefully tomorrow will be as good!

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