RAA Christmas Party!

What a wonderful weekend.  I went to my friend’s birthday party on Friday night and had a blast.  Wonderful company and great food – what more could you ask for?  Last night we had our annual RAA Christmas party.  Yet again – wonderful company and great food!  It was such a nice turn-out and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  While waiting for Santa to come out, I had to briefly entertain the crowd.  I tried desperately to sell my Cessna 150 to my fellow aviation folks.  I even offered to throw in a free case of oil with the purchase!  Unfortunately, no takers.  I’m sure one lucky person will come along soon and give the plane a nice home.  Anyway, Santa came out and we drew ticket numbers for the gifts.  There was more than enough to go around to each couple.  Everyone seemed happy with the selection. 

It really was a great evening.  We have our regular monthly RAA meeting tomorrow night.  It’s just going to be casual.  I have put together a Jeopardy game with aviation related topics.  Hopefully it will go over well with the group and I don’t end up being impeached!  I’m not ready to lose my Presidency yet!

Today was nice – I went to Fonthill to visit my little mother.  She just got back yesterday from her two week vacation to Florida.  She went with her sister and hit every mall and shopping centre in the area!  I was surprised when she agreed to go to the Seaway Mall with me today.  I figured she would have been shopped-out for the rest of the year!

Today’s symptoms: I actually felt pretty good considering my social outings over the last couple of nights.  The only symptom that I dealt with today was super-sensitivity on my upper right arm.  Usually I get this on the fronts of my thighs.  I guess it wanted to try somewhere new!  I hope to get a good sleep tonight as it’s my day off tomorrow and I’m heading over to the States with a friend so she can finish up her Christmas shopping.

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