The Eagle Has Landed

The big day arrived!  We weren’t too sure if it was actually going to happen or not due to the poopy weather.  Chuck, my flight instructor and I all met at the Niagara District Airport at 7:00am.  We made a quick stop at Timmy’s then made the long, four hour drive down to Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania.  About half way there, John phoned for an aviation weather briefing.  The clouds were almost touching the tops of the mountains.  It was not looking good.  Regardless, we were very relieved to arrive at the Skyhaven Airport and see little Vyctor, patiently waiting for us.   Mind you, it was nice to see the seller waiting for us too!

Here we are going over the log books, recent annual inspection and other paperwork:

It was quite nippy out.  I do believe the next picture is of me wiping away a tear caused by the cold air.  Either that or I was just having a good cry over the walk-around inspection I was about to commence:

Here I am checking the oil.

To my delight, there was some!

After inspecting the plane and chatting with Scott, John and I managed to figure out the harness system, strapped ourselves in and made our way over to the runway.  The run-up went well with no issues.  We cranked him up and barreled down the 2007 foot runway, lifting off about half way down.  Vyctor handled great!  I could tell he was a little heavier than my other plane, but seemed very maneuverable.  We were able to climb to about 3500 feet for the majority of the two hour flight home.  I wasn’t too eager to get back, since I knew I wouldn’t been flying this plane again for one to two months.  Regardless, it was a long day and it was nice to see the Niagara District Airport.  Here we are in the circuit for runway 06:

It was really depressing to know that this would be my first and final landing in Vyctor for a while.  This is when I decided that since we were a few minutes early from the touchdown time we provided to Customs of 2:30, that perhaps I would do a quick low-and-over.  After doing a quick circuit, I flew around again for the landing.  Just as I was approaching the runway threshold, a cute, little coyote scampered across the runway.  I adjusted my landing to touch-down further down the runway, in case Mr. Fluffy Paws decided to frolic back the other way.  We taxied over to the Terminal and were shocked to see two Customs Officers already there.  I felt so bad about doing the extra circuit, since I made them wait an extra 5 – 6 minutes.  They were really nice though and I told them the extra circuit was done to wish Vyctor a fond farewell, before being poked and prodded by the mechanic. 

Once cleared by Customs (it only took a few minutes), we taxied over to the hangar where he will be chilling out for the next month or two.  My other plane was in there so we pulled her out and ushered Vyctor in.  He looked so cute in his new home!

Poor ol’ Chuck made it home about two hours after me.  Mind you, it wouldn’t have been quite as long if he wasn’t busted for speeding by the New York State Police.  He said the Officer was very nice though.  He told her about my new plane and gave her a card which lists my website.  After he wiped away the tears, he headed back on his way to St. Catharines.

Chuck took a nice video of our take off from Pennsylvania.  I will post it on the next blog entry!

Today’s symptoms:  Feeling pretty good!  My energy was better than it was for the previous week or so.  Mind you, once I got back to the apartment, I totally crashed.  I’m sure I’ll be pooped tomorrow, but it will be well worth it!

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