I must say – it wasn’t the best day today!  I twisted my ankle during my walk to work in the morning.  That’s just because I’m a klutz and I’m not graceful enough for heels – even big chunky ones that are pretty much klutz-proof.  I got to work and unloaded my perfectly-ripened banana.  I have been waiting days for this bad boy to peak to its blissful ripeness.  I like my naners quite a bit more ripe than the average personage.  When I saw the perfection of the banananana this morning, it was like a gift from the banana angels.  I was truly blessed.  I neatly set my prized possession on my desk, eagerly waiting for lunch.  The chicky who sits next to me came in around 9:00.  Soon after she arrived, she came over to my desk to discuss a file.  She propped herself on the edge of my desk while we went over some paperwork.  When she got up to leave, it actually took me about three long seconds to figure out what I was actually seeing.  There, on the edge of my desk, was my once perfect, beautiful banana, flattened like a pancake.  I picked it up by the stem – it’s guts grotesquely protruding from it’s severely lacerated skin.  I yelled “Look what you’ve done!!!”  Kathie looked over and was shocked at the carnage she just caused.  A small tear trickled down my cheek, as I slowly laid my banana back down to the crime scene.  Kathie clasped her hands over her mouth, while begging for my forgiveness.  Despite her bouts of laughter, I knew her guilt and sympathy were sincere – it wasn’t until about three minutes later that she finally checked her butt for remnants of her victim. 

Notice the look of horror on the picture of my cat’s face in the background.  Fortunately, I was able to salvage the upper tip of the banana.  It wasn’t the most fulfilling lunch, but it was one of the most heart-felt and touching I’ve ever experienced.

Other than the overwhelming hunger pangs I suffered through the rest of the day, things went ok until I walked home.  I got behind this guy pushing a baby in a carriage.  He stopped briefly to light his “cigarette.”  I almost died when he exhaled and I was hit full force with a waft of second-hand pot!  That’s right – Mr. Father of the Year was pushing his kid down the street while toking up on a doobie!  Ah yes, what a wonderful world we live in!

Symptoms for Today:  Physically I felt quite drained and run down.  I think the stress of purchasing the new plane and now dealing with selling my other plane is taking a little bit of a toll.  It will be well worth it though!

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