Under The Hood

I have been taking advantage of this wonderful weather we’re having.  On Friday, I took a couple hours vacation time and went flying with my flight instructor.  I am more than half way through the training for my night rating.  I still need three more dual night hours (with an instructor), one hour night solo and about two and a half hours instrument time.  We did about two and a half hours over two flights Friday and Saturday.  When doing instrument training, once I take off, I put on a “hood” so that I cannot look out the windscreen or windows, but can only see my instruments.  Here’s what the hood looks like:

Obviously, I didn’t get to enjoy the view!  However, both training sessions went really well.  I hadn’t done instrument work for almost a year and I was surprised how quickly it all came back. 
The rest of my weekend was excellent as well.  Chuck and I went to Niagara-On-The-Lake Saturday morning.  I bought a few more Christmas gifts for my tiny mother, as well as some for my friends.  After wandering around for a couple hours, Chuck dropped me off at the airport for my lesson.  I called him to pick me up after we landed.  I waited about ten minutes in the Flying Club, then decided to start walking (the weather was still amazing that day).  The only issue with the walk was the very strong and gusty winds.  I walked out to the highway, then along the shoulder.  Now I was walking directly into the wind.  I had my iPod Touch with me and had the tunes cranked, while playing my Bejelewed game.  The walk was an amazing workout.  I made it about half a kilometer from the skyway before Chuck stopped to pick me up.  I would have made it much further if it wasn’t for the wind.  Needless to say, I didn’t work out on my exercise bike that night!   I was el’ pooped!

Today, I drove to Fonthill to visit my little mother.  We stopped at Timmy’s for our coffee, then out to Wal-Mart to pick up my photo order.  We did our usual jaunt around the Seaway Mall, then to Sobey’s.  While we were there, a young girl drove her shopping cart right into a shelf, causing about a dozen glass jars to fall and smash on the floor.  “Clean up on aisle eight!”

Today’s Symptoms:  I was up at 4:00 am with bad pains in my jaw.  I took some Tylenol and fell back to sleep about an hour later.  My energy was fairly decent for most of the day.

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