Not Too Swift…

It was my compressed day off today.  My mother and I planned to drive to the Hamilton Airport to drop off my application for the new pilot license.  I figured hand delivering the paperwork would speed up the process, as we are required to have the new license by the end of the year.  My friend at work signed the application form, to state that my photo was actually me.  Well, we got the airport only to discover I did not have her also sign the back of the photo!  The officer said that I could just show photo ID to prove the picture was actually me, except I chose today to be the first time EVER that I forgot my purse at home!!!  So, the trip there was for nothing and I’ll have to mail my application after all.  I felt so dumb!  My purse had my wallet, of course, but also had my medications, sunglasses, cell phone, Stevia for my coffee and everything else I needed today!  Ugh!  After my embarrassment at the Transport Canada office, we went over to the gift shop at the Warplane Heritage Museum.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything I really wanted or needed.  So, with that little adventure done, we headed over (in a slow and very law-abiding manner, since I didn’t have my driver’s license!) to the Lime Ridge Mall.  I wanted to go into the Melanie Lyne store, as this seems to be the only clothing store in existence which carries pants that actually fit me.  It’s almost as if their pants were custom-made for moi.  The length (long) is perfect, the cut is perfect, the waist is perfect as is the style.  They are rather expensive but worth it since they look really nice and last a long time.  The ones I picked up today were regularly $160 and on sale for $130.  Ugh!  They’ll last me at least three years though.

We didn’t really buy too much else.  We did have to visit Tim Hortons twice due to our insatiable thirst.  I was devastated when we went the second time and they didn’t have any yogurt available.  I left with just a coffee – dejected and starving.  I ended up stopping at a health-smoothie-type-place and talked the guy into letting me buy a banana. 

Overall it was a really nice day.  Both my mother and I were pooped when we got back.  I waved farewell as my little mother got in her car to drive home.  I had no idea what was waiting for me up in the apartment.  My cats are used to me consistently coming home after work at the same time.  I guess my day off and arriving home an hour earlier than usual really threw them off.  Now I have an idea of what they do when they’re home alone:

I’m not even sure what to do about this odd behaviour.  Any suggestions?

Today’s symptoms: I felt fine for most of the day, except for a pretty sore jaw.  I don’t think I crashed until we got home.  Actually, I think it was the sight of my crazy kitties that totally drained me!

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