True Friendship

We had a learning session on “Surviving Stress” today at work.  Right off the bat, the speaker used a balloon to demonstrate a concept on how stress impacts our lives.  My stress level climbed sharply as she began to blow up the balloon.  Get this – I was in the Army for eleven years, I’ve fired pistols, rifles, machine guns, thrown grenades and fired an 84mm anti-tank rocket launcher….and balloons totally freak me out!  I’m not too bothered when they’re already blown up and just sitting there, but what I really hate is when they’re being blown up.  I have no idea why.  While our speaker was blowing up the balloon, I wrote on my notepad “My balloon phobia is stressing me out!!!”  and showed it to my friend sitting next to me.  She laughed, but I’m sure I just reinforced what she already knows about me – that I’m a little nutty!  Anyway, soon after the session ended, Laura and I had to go to the SuperStore to pick up some items for “Bring your kids to work day,” which is tomorrow.  We were shocked to discover that the store did not have any chocolate chip muffins or chocolate chip cookies in their bakery section.  What the heck is up with that?  I’m sure the kids will love the seaweed, zucchini or whole wheat kale cookies (or whatever they were) that we picked out for them instead.
There was a little bit of an incident in the office just before 4:30.  I was done at 4:15, but Laura offered to give me a ride home and she didn’t finish until 4:30.  I was working away on my accounts when my Team Leader walked over to me.  Her name is Catherine and I have only ever called her Catherine – not Cathy.  She wanted to discuss an account with me so I pulled it up on my system.  While I was reviewing the account, my phone rang.  The call display indicated “Cathy,” who is another member of my team.  Before picking up the phone I said “Oh Cathy, I don’t have time for your silliness!”  The look on my Team Leader’s face was priceless!  It was then I realized she thought I was talking to her!  I mumbled and fumbled, pointing at the phone and tried to convince her that I was talking about the Cathy who was calling me!  I answered the phone and prayed that my Team Leader would forget the whole thing by the time I hung up…..

Soon after that ordeal, I met Laura out in the lobby to catch a ride home.  While we were walking to her car, I told her what just happened.  We both had a good laugh.  Just before we got to her car, I said “It sure is nippy out here!  Good thing I’m wearing one of my new padded sports bras!”  We laughed and then looked over at the van we were walking past – there was the driver, sitting in the van with his window open.  I told Laura that it was going to be hard to walk the rest of the way over to her van, since I had both of my feet in my mouth.  This is where the title of this blog come into play – she offered me one of her feet if I decided to open my mouth again!  What a great friend!

Symptoms for today:  My energy was actually fairly decent.  My jaw is hurting more than usual though.  I also had super sensitivity on the front of my thighs – I haven’t had that symptom in almost a year!  I hope it doesn’t come back tomorrow…..

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