Airport Reopens!

After being closed for a week for car testing on the runways (2010 models), the airport reopened today!  My mother and I went up, hoping there would be some Fall colours left – nadda!  It was still a nice flight.  There was a layer of broken clouds at 4500 feet.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t too sunny down below:

We first flew along the Lake Ontario shoreline toward Hamilton.  Before reaching Hamilton’s air space, we headed south to fly East along the Lake Erie shoreline.  We came out from under the clouds when we reached the lake.  I wanted to see the view looking North above the clouds, so we climbed to 5500 feet.  Here we are level with them:

And above their level:

The ride back down and toward the Niagara District Airport was a little rough, but not too bad.  My mother took a nice shot of Niagara Falls in the distance:

I was quite impressed with the pictures she took!  I think this one was my favourite:

Pretty cool, Jan!  I didn’t even know you were taking this one.

The rest of the day was nice.  We just did some shopping at the stores around the Fourth Avenue plaza.  Mind you, we didn’t buy much which is pretty typical for us.

I’m happy that it’s going to darker sooner – now I can get back to working on my Night Rating!

Today’s Symptoms:  It was a good day!  Going flying always lifts my spirits!

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