Month: November 2009

No Cookies Tossed

Chuck and I went to Toronto yesterday to see Jersey Boys.  It was SO good!  I have always been a huge Frankie Valli fan.  A friend at work went to see it recently and also loved it.  My friend’s name is Gert… typical greeting to her is “Yo, Gert!”  Tee hee!  Nothing like being called a dairy product! 

I didn’t think I would get to go flying today due to the low cloudage.  However, things got a little better in the afternoon.  I decided to fly like a bit of a manic – something I would only ever consider doing when I fly by myself!  Check out the video I took:  Crazy Flight  It was quite entertaining!  The rest of my flight today was nice.  I was a little shocked at the traffic on the Peace Bridge:

The Queenston Bridge wasn’t much better:

I was a little creeped out when I looked at the photos I took of the Queenston Bridge.  Check out this one – it looks like the ghost of a monkey was floating in front of my plane:

Once I landed, I decided to decorate my plane for Christmas:

As you can see, I accidentally ripped the little ginger-bread dude in half while taking him out of the package.  Despite this, I’m sure these high quality decorations (which probably all fell off soon after I left the airport) have greatly increased the value of my plane.  Since I’m trying to sell it, I better change my sale ads to reflect this….

Symptoms for today:  My fatigue wasn’t too bad – just bad body aches (the kind you get when you have the flu). 

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Technical Difficulties

Sorry about the multiple posts of the previous blog entry, to those who have subscribed to my blog.  I was having some issues and had to call the website provider for help.  Fortunately, they were able to walk me through and get the blog posted properly.
Please check out the blog on the website to see the picture that did not go through on your email.


No Cookies Tossed

Chuck and I went to Toronto yesterday to see Jersey Boys.  It was SO good!  I have always been a huge Frankie Valli fan.  A friend at work went to see it recently and also loved it.  My friend’s name is Gert… typical greeting to her is “Yo, Gert!”  Tee hee!  Nothing like being called a dairy product! 

I didn’t think I would get to go flying today due to the low cloudage.  However, things got a little better in the afternoon.  I decided to fly like a bit of a manic – something I would only ever consider doing when I fly by myself!  Check out the video I took:  Crazy Flight  It was quite entertaining!  The rest of my flight today was nice.  I was a little shocked at the traffic on the Peace Bridge:

The Queenston Bridge wasn’t much better:

I was a little creeped out when I looked at the photos I took of the Queenston Bridge.  Check out this one – it looks like the ghost of a monkey was floating in front of my plane:

Once I landed, I decided to decorate my plane for Christmas:

As you can see, I accidentally ripped the little ginger-bread dude in half while taking him out of the package.  Despite this, I’m sure these high quality decorations (which probably all fell off soon after I left the airport) have greatly increased the value of my plane.  Since I’m trying to sell it, I better change my sale ads to reflect this….

Symptoms for today:  My fatigue wasn’t too bad – just bad body aches (the kind you get when you have the flu). 


I must say – it wasn’t the best day today!  I twisted my ankle during my walk to work in the morning.  That’s just because I’m a klutz and I’m not graceful enough for heels – even big chunky ones that are pretty much klutz-proof.  I got to work and unloaded my perfectly-ripened banana.  I have been waiting days for this bad boy to peak to its blissful ripeness.  I like my naners quite a bit more ripe than the average personage.  When I saw the perfection of the banananana this morning, it was like a gift from the banana angels.  I was truly blessed.  I neatly set my prized possession on my desk, eagerly waiting for lunch.  The chicky who sits next to me came in around 9:00.  Soon after she arrived, she came over to my desk to discuss a file.  She propped herself on the edge of my desk while we went over some paperwork.  When she got up to leave, it actually took me about three long seconds to figure out what I was actually seeing.  There, on the edge of my desk, was my once perfect, beautiful banana, flattened like a pancake.  I picked it up by the stem – it’s guts grotesquely protruding from it’s severely lacerated skin.  I yelled “Look what you’ve done!!!”  Kathie looked over and was shocked at the carnage she just caused.  A small tear trickled down my cheek, as I slowly laid my banana back down to the crime scene.  Kathie clasped her hands over her mouth, while begging for my forgiveness.  Despite her bouts of laughter, I knew her guilt and sympathy were sincere – it wasn’t until about three minutes later that she finally checked her butt for remnants of her victim. 

Notice the look of horror on the picture of my cat’s face in the background.  Fortunately, I was able to salvage the upper tip of the banana.  It wasn’t the most fulfilling lunch, but it was one of the most heart-felt and touching I’ve ever experienced.

Other than the overwhelming hunger pangs I suffered through the rest of the day, things went ok until I walked home.  I got behind this guy pushing a baby in a carriage.  He stopped briefly to light his “cigarette.”  I almost died when he exhaled and I was hit full force with a waft of second-hand pot!  That’s right – Mr. Father of the Year was pushing his kid down the street while toking up on a doobie!  Ah yes, what a wonderful world we live in!

Symptoms for Today:  Physically I felt quite drained and run down.  I think the stress of purchasing the new plane and now dealing with selling my other plane is taking a little bit of a toll.  It will be well worth it though!

Want To Buy A Plane?

Ah yes, the saga continues with regards to getting things ready for the arrival of my new plane.  I have been sending paperwork (and money!) to Transport Canada to get things a’moving.  I had to pick a registration mark for my plane.  This will be painted on the side of the airplane and I will also say it to the tower every time I speak with them.  I wanted something that flowed well and was easy to say.  I also wanted something a little personal and fun.  I decided on GLYZ.  Golf Lima Yankee Zulu.  Gee, Liz!  Works for me!  The folks from Transport Canada told me they are extremely back-logged and it will take at least a month to get my new plane registered.  Oh well, I still have to get the inspections done by my mechanic and Transport Canada.  I would be thrilled to have my other plane sold by then, but that might be pushing it.  I’ve been asking everyone at work if they want to buy it.  I said it would make a great stocking stuffer!  I also asked if they wanted to buy a case of aviation oil.  It will cost them $29,700 and they will get a free Cessna 150!  Not a bad deal, eh?!

Here’s another pic of the plane.  This is when we started it up – sounded great and very easy to start!

I’m very fortunate that the seller of the plane in the States is really working with me to get everything ready for the import into Canada.  I think I would be a stressed-out wreck by now if he wasn’t so accommodating. 

Other than that, there’s not too much new with me.  I have training at work all day tomorrow which is really bad timing considering all of the files I got in over the last few days.  Also, I’m off Thursday for my compressed day.


Today’s symptoms:  Quite a few bad body aches and pains.  My fatigue wasn’t too bad at least!

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New Purchase

I’m not too sure what I have to talk about.  Nothing too exciting going on lately.  Oh, well there is one minor little detail….
I was checking the Internet last night and decided to try my luck again on finding a Cessna 150 Aerobat.  The ones I’ve found so far have been for sale in the US and all really expensive (over $50K).  Last night I noticed a nice little number on eBay – good price and a really sharp looking plane.  Another nice element, despite the fact that it’s in the States, it’s in Pennsylvania which is quite close.  I found the same plane for sale on a couple aviation sites.  It is beautiful looking with a really nice paint job.  The largest item I’ve ever bought on eBay was a book, so I was a little nervous about considering buying an airplane.  One of the guest speakers from our RAA meetings was a gentleman from Brantford who is very experienced in bringing planes in from the States.  I looked him up and gave him a jingle.  I told him what I just discovered online.  He had me read off the specifics and informed me that everything sounded great.  I asked him how to go about making the most beneficial bid on an eBay item.  He suggested that I wait until there’s about two minutes left for the bidding and make a large bid.  This way I would hopefully outbid everyone else and at least meet the reserve price.  He suggested that I contact the seller and see if he would tell me the reserve amount.  I briefly discussed things with Chuck and he offered to call the guy and chat about the financial side of things.  They talked for about twenty minutes.  This lead to today’s little event.  My mother, Chuck and I drove down to Pennsylvania and checked out the plane.  We were all very impressed with what we saw.  It started perfectly too.  In about two weeks, I will be heading back there to pick up my new plane and fly it home!!!  This has to be the best birthday ever!  I hope I am able to sell my “old” airplane soon, as hangar space is a little expensive. 

The 150 Aerobat is very similar to my other plane except it’s built a little stronger to withstand the G forces from the aerobatic maneuvers.  The model I purchased today is also six years younger than my other plane.  Check it out:

I guess my next mission is to find someone to teach me aerobatics.  This plane will fly just like my other one – side by side seating, one passenger only.  It has a nice little feature – wheel pants (or as Chuck calls them, booties).  They look great and decrease the drag, thus slightly increasing speed.

It was so nice meeting with the seller.  We said we would be there by 1:00, but I ended up having to call him before noon to let him know our estimated time of arrival would be closer to 1:30.  We arrived after about a four and a half hour drive.  I screamed like a little school girl when we pulled into the airport and I saw a cute orange plane looking in our direction.  I was able to compose myself as to not traumatize the seller.  Super nice guy to deal with and I feel very comfortable with the transaction.

On the way back home, we stopped at Applebee’s for dinner.  They had a great deal on – two entrees and an appetizer for $20!  Jan and I both had a steak, Chuck got a burger and we all split a spinach and artichoke dip chippy platter.  It was all so yummy!
I actually wrote this blog entry on my iPod Touch while Chuck drove us home.  I have a feeling I’m going to be a little pooped tonight and make it an early night.

Today’s symptoms: I felt pretty good today except for some typical body aches.  Mentally/emotionally – great!

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Back to the Grind

Chuck and I made it back from our shopping trip to Rochester.  We were pretty much shopped-out when we woke up on Sunday.  We had planned to do two more malls, but it didn’t quite happen.  After breakfast at the hotel, we went to Target, since it was the only store open before 10:00.  We made a few purchases there, then hit the Super Wal-Mart, since the mall wasn’t open until 11:00.  I actually bought quite a few gifts for my mother there.  Usually I just buy all of her presents at the dollar store, but I decided to splurge this year.  You’re welcome, Lil’ Jan!  Once we tackled Wal-Mart, I really needed a coffee (even though I had two during breakfast).  We had a coffee and split a cookie at Panera Bread.  We were a little shocked when they handed us a platter with our one, lonely little cookie on it:

Notice my overwhelming enthusiasm.  Mind you, Chuck took this picture right after I had a tremor in my right arm while carrying my coffee, causing me to spill some of it on the floor.

After our rest, we went to another part of the plaza and hit the pet store.  We bought Mya and Abby a “

Thrill of the Chase” by Play N Squeak.  Their site has a really cute video: Check it out!  Abby was going nuts just listening to the video.  After the pet store, we went to Sally Beauty Supplies (mostly for Chuck’s hair products, such as curling irons, detanglers, pink highlights and conditioning treatments).  We ran into Michael’s, then off to the Marketplace Mall.  At this point, we were shopped-out and we ran around the whole mall in less than an hour.  I think we only went into about five stores and didn’t buy a thing!

It was a great weekend and very productive shopping-wise.  I hate to rub it in to y’all, but I’m almost done my Christmas shopping (just a few more items from the dollar store for my mother!)

I had to go to the tailor shop today to have two pair of pants adjusted.  I had to get the new pants I bought the other week at Melanie Lyne shortened about half an inch.  I also had to have another paid lengthened.  It was a pair I already had shortened by her.  I asked the tailor what she thought happened to them and she said “I’m sorry about that – I shortened them according to your mother’s length!  That’s why they look like shorts!”  She’s going to have to lengthen them now by about three feet.

I ran out of shampoo while in the shower tonight.  After I got out, I looked in the linen closet for a new bottle.  I was shocked to see a large stockpile of conditioners:

This equals 6825 mL of conditioner!  I worked it out and this much conditioner will last Chuck 187,901,457 years!

Today’s symptoms: I was a little weak and tired from our long (but great!) weekend.  I also started experiencing very sensitive skin on the right side and back of my neck.  I’ve only ever had this symptom on the front of my thighs in the past.

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Shopping in Rochester

I’m writing this blog from Rochester.  Chuck and I came here for the weekend to do some shopping.  It was less than a two hour drive, which wasn’t too bad.  The traffic was decent except for a road rage incident we observed. 

The first car in the right hand lane was insanely ticked that the first guy in the left lane was driving in the left lane and not passing anyone.  He floored it past the guy in the left lane, drove in front of him and hit his brakes.  For a few miles, he just kept doing this.  Everyone behind them, including us, stayed back!  He almost forced him onto the shoulder at one point.  He eventually pulled next to him and was waving his hand and screaming out the window.  We were glad that it didn’t go any further than that.  Pretty scary though.

We first stopped at the Eastview Mall.  I can’t believe the deals we found.  I got a really nice black dress for the RAA Christmas party next month.  Chuck also bought four shirts and we got something for my little mother (obviously in the petit section!) 
The mall had a really nice set-up for Christmas.  They even had a live marching band wandering around with Santa.  Here is a shot of the Santa Village.  Notice my display of approval – the thumbs up!

We stopped at Sbarro for pizza at lunch.  The last time I ate pizza from there was at the Eaton Centre in Toronto about 15 years ago. 

We wandered around for a few more hours, making quite a few more purchases.  After doing the whole mall, we checked in at our hotel.  It was a little early for dinner so we walked across the street to Pet Smart and to a really neat store called Christmas Tree Shops.  I had never heard of this store before – it was great!  Like a huge Liquidation World, Wal-Mart, Christmas store combination.  We got a bag full of goodies there.  After this joyous store, we walked across the rather business street to the Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse.  It was nice except for the dead animals decorating the restaurant.  I did like the Mountie statue who greeted us at the entrance.  I had the rainbow trout and pile o’broccoli.  Chuck had a great big salad and 9oz steak smothered in yucky blue cheese and a pile of mashed potatoes with cheese, chives and bacon.  He had a hard time finishing it all, but managed!

After our meal, we waddled back to the hotel, got in the car and drove down the road to Tops.  We just picked up a few things, then headed back to veg in the hotel for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow we plan on going to the free breakfast buffet here at the hotel.  Then we’ll go over to Target and the Marketplace Mall.  I don’t think we’ll be doing quite as much shopping tomorrow as we did today.  I can’t really think of anything in particular that we need to buy, except for some more Christmas gifts for my mommy-kins (not that she deserves them!)

Today’s symptoms: I actually did really well today, considering how low on energy and achy I’ve been the last few days.  I hope tomorrow is as good!  I’m going to take a sleeping pill and crash early tonight.

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Applebee’s Rocks!

My RAA (Recreational Aircraft Association) group had our meeting on Monday night.  I didn’t ask my guest speaker if I could put his name on my blog, so I’ll just call him by his first name, Leon – he was great!  I felt so bad that he was dealing with a cold and still came to speak to us.  He is a retired Air Canada pilot and had some amazing stories to tell.  More than half way through his talk, he asked if he was boring anyone and the whole group quickly responded “No!”  I think we all could have listened to him much longer.  He was educational, informative and quite humourous.  As President of the group, I did the more formal part of the meeting after our guest left – he was a tough act to follow!  So, the night was great.  The next time our group will meet is for the Christmas dinner next month.

Today was a rather emotional day for me (and I’m sure MANY others!) as it was Remembrance Day.  I miss being in the Army so much.  I’m grateful and proud to have served for eleven years, but wish I could go back for eleven more.  Health-wise, it would never happen.  Being part of the Remembrance Day parades while I was serving was such an honour.  I was even on Cenotaph Duty one year.  The hardest part was when we stood directly across from the Veterans during the ceremony – I was very emotional whenever they teared-up. 

As a government worker, we had today off.  My friend Laura and I went to the Falls and did some Christmas shopping.  She got some amazing deals on things she bought for her kids and hubby.  She also bought me for my birthday later this month, a Benedikt & Friends figure:

I LOVE it!  I’m going to put it on my cabinet at work.

After the Outlet Mall, we went to Niagara Square.  She found more great deals there, especially in Winners.  I found some items for my mother and Chuck for Christmas. 

One of my favourite restaurants is Applebee’s.  I usually get their Oriental Chicken Salad, which is one of the best salads I’ve ever had.  They did something really wonderful today – they provided free entrées to all Veterans and those currently serving in the Armed Forces.  I figured after serving for eleven years, I may as well go to my favourite restaurant and take them up on their generous offer.  For some reason, I decided not to get my usual salad today.  Instead, I ordered an 8 oz sirloin steak (medium) with broccoli.  They accommodated my “issues” with garlic and substituted a big, ol’ pile of broccoli in place of their garlic mashed potatoes.  This was the first steak I’ve had in over five years and it was out of this world – seriously!  I could not believe how amazing it was!  It was cooked PERFECTLY!  What a perfect meal.  Our server was very nice, which just made the experience that much better.  I got a little teary-eyed when she handed us the bill:

What a perfect end to a perfect day!

Today’s symptoms:  I had quite a bit of jaw pain and body aches today.  I took some pain killers, which I try to take a little as possible.  I didn’t want to poop-out on my shopping day or my dinner plans!  I’m hoping to recover well from the day and possibly take some vacation to go flying tomorrow.

Under The Hood

I have been taking advantage of this wonderful weather we’re having.  On Friday, I took a couple hours vacation time and went flying with my flight instructor.  I am more than half way through the training for my night rating.  I still need three more dual night hours (with an instructor), one hour night solo and about two and a half hours instrument time.  We did about two and a half hours over two flights Friday and Saturday.  When doing instrument training, once I take off, I put on a “hood” so that I cannot look out the windscreen or windows, but can only see my instruments.  Here’s what the hood looks like:

Obviously, I didn’t get to enjoy the view!  However, both training sessions went really well.  I hadn’t done instrument work for almost a year and I was surprised how quickly it all came back. 
The rest of my weekend was excellent as well.  Chuck and I went to Niagara-On-The-Lake Saturday morning.  I bought a few more Christmas gifts for my tiny mother, as well as some for my friends.  After wandering around for a couple hours, Chuck dropped me off at the airport for my lesson.  I called him to pick me up after we landed.  I waited about ten minutes in the Flying Club, then decided to start walking (the weather was still amazing that day).  The only issue with the walk was the very strong and gusty winds.  I walked out to the highway, then along the shoulder.  Now I was walking directly into the wind.  I had my iPod Touch with me and had the tunes cranked, while playing my Bejelewed game.  The walk was an amazing workout.  I made it about half a kilometer from the skyway before Chuck stopped to pick me up.  I would have made it much further if it wasn’t for the wind.  Needless to say, I didn’t work out on my exercise bike that night!   I was el’ pooped!

Today, I drove to Fonthill to visit my little mother.  We stopped at Timmy’s for our coffee, then out to Wal-Mart to pick up my photo order.  We did our usual jaunt around the Seaway Mall, then to Sobey’s.  While we were there, a young girl drove her shopping cart right into a shelf, causing about a dozen glass jars to fall and smash on the floor.  “Clean up on aisle eight!”

Today’s Symptoms:  I was up at 4:00 am with bad pains in my jaw.  I took some Tylenol and fell back to sleep about an hour later.  My energy was fairly decent for most of the day.

Not Too Swift…

It was my compressed day off today.  My mother and I planned to drive to the Hamilton Airport to drop off my application for the new pilot license.  I figured hand delivering the paperwork would speed up the process, as we are required to have the new license by the end of the year.  My friend at work signed the application form, to state that my photo was actually me.  Well, we got the airport only to discover I did not have her also sign the back of the photo!  The officer said that I could just show photo ID to prove the picture was actually me, except I chose today to be the first time EVER that I forgot my purse at home!!!  So, the trip there was for nothing and I’ll have to mail my application after all.  I felt so dumb!  My purse had my wallet, of course, but also had my medications, sunglasses, cell phone, Stevia for my coffee and everything else I needed today!  Ugh!  After my embarrassment at the Transport Canada office, we went over to the gift shop at the Warplane Heritage Museum.  Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything I really wanted or needed.  So, with that little adventure done, we headed over (in a slow and very law-abiding manner, since I didn’t have my driver’s license!) to the Lime Ridge Mall.  I wanted to go into the Melanie Lyne store, as this seems to be the only clothing store in existence which carries pants that actually fit me.  It’s almost as if their pants were custom-made for moi.  The length (long) is perfect, the cut is perfect, the waist is perfect as is the style.  They are rather expensive but worth it since they look really nice and last a long time.  The ones I picked up today were regularly $160 and on sale for $130.  Ugh!  They’ll last me at least three years though.

We didn’t really buy too much else.  We did have to visit Tim Hortons twice due to our insatiable thirst.  I was devastated when we went the second time and they didn’t have any yogurt available.  I left with just a coffee – dejected and starving.  I ended up stopping at a health-smoothie-type-place and talked the guy into letting me buy a banana. 

Overall it was a really nice day.  Both my mother and I were pooped when we got back.  I waved farewell as my little mother got in her car to drive home.  I had no idea what was waiting for me up in the apartment.  My cats are used to me consistently coming home after work at the same time.  I guess my day off and arriving home an hour earlier than usual really threw them off.  Now I have an idea of what they do when they’re home alone:

I’m not even sure what to do about this odd behaviour.  Any suggestions?

Today’s symptoms: I felt fine for most of the day, except for a pretty sore jaw.  I don’t think I crashed until we got home.  Actually, I think it was the sight of my crazy kitties that totally drained me!

True Friendship

We had a learning session on “Surviving Stress” today at work.  Right off the bat, the speaker used a balloon to demonstrate a concept on how stress impacts our lives.  My stress level climbed sharply as she began to blow up the balloon.  Get this – I was in the Army for eleven years, I’ve fired pistols, rifles, machine guns, thrown grenades and fired an 84mm anti-tank rocket launcher….and balloons totally freak me out!  I’m not too bothered when they’re already blown up and just sitting there, but what I really hate is when they’re being blown up.  I have no idea why.  While our speaker was blowing up the balloon, I wrote on my notepad “My balloon phobia is stressing me out!!!”  and showed it to my friend sitting next to me.  She laughed, but I’m sure I just reinforced what she already knows about me – that I’m a little nutty!  Anyway, soon after the session ended, Laura and I had to go to the SuperStore to pick up some items for “Bring your kids to work day,” which is tomorrow.  We were shocked to discover that the store did not have any chocolate chip muffins or chocolate chip cookies in their bakery section.  What the heck is up with that?  I’m sure the kids will love the seaweed, zucchini or whole wheat kale cookies (or whatever they were) that we picked out for them instead.
There was a little bit of an incident in the office just before 4:30.  I was done at 4:15, but Laura offered to give me a ride home and she didn’t finish until 4:30.  I was working away on my accounts when my Team Leader walked over to me.  Her name is Catherine and I have only ever called her Catherine – not Cathy.  She wanted to discuss an account with me so I pulled it up on my system.  While I was reviewing the account, my phone rang.  The call display indicated “Cathy,” who is another member of my team.  Before picking up the phone I said “Oh Cathy, I don’t have time for your silliness!”  The look on my Team Leader’s face was priceless!  It was then I realized she thought I was talking to her!  I mumbled and fumbled, pointing at the phone and tried to convince her that I was talking about the Cathy who was calling me!  I answered the phone and prayed that my Team Leader would forget the whole thing by the time I hung up…..

Soon after that ordeal, I met Laura out in the lobby to catch a ride home.  While we were walking to her car, I told her what just happened.  We both had a good laugh.  Just before we got to her car, I said “It sure is nippy out here!  Good thing I’m wearing one of my new padded sports bras!”  We laughed and then looked over at the van we were walking past – there was the driver, sitting in the van with his window open.  I told Laura that it was going to be hard to walk the rest of the way over to her van, since I had both of my feet in my mouth.  This is where the title of this blog come into play – she offered me one of her feet if I decided to open my mouth again!  What a great friend!

Symptoms for today:  My energy was actually fairly decent.  My jaw is hurting more than usual though.  I also had super sensitivity on the front of my thighs – I haven’t had that symptom in almost a year!  I hope it doesn’t come back tomorrow…..

Airport Reopens!

After being closed for a week for car testing on the runways (2010 models), the airport reopened today!  My mother and I went up, hoping there would be some Fall colours left – nadda!  It was still a nice flight.  There was a layer of broken clouds at 4500 feet.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t too sunny down below:

We first flew along the Lake Ontario shoreline toward Hamilton.  Before reaching Hamilton’s air space, we headed south to fly East along the Lake Erie shoreline.  We came out from under the clouds when we reached the lake.  I wanted to see the view looking North above the clouds, so we climbed to 5500 feet.  Here we are level with them:

And above their level:

The ride back down and toward the Niagara District Airport was a little rough, but not too bad.  My mother took a nice shot of Niagara Falls in the distance:

I was quite impressed with the pictures she took!  I think this one was my favourite:

Pretty cool, Jan!  I didn’t even know you were taking this one.

The rest of the day was nice.  We just did some shopping at the stores around the Fourth Avenue plaza.  Mind you, we didn’t buy much which is pretty typical for us.

I’m happy that it’s going to darker sooner – now I can get back to working on my Night Rating!

Today’s Symptoms:  It was a good day!  Going flying always lifts my spirits!

Spooky Friday

My Facilitator Training course at work ended yesterday.  It was probably the best training I’ve ever had.  I’ve never had so much fun or got so much out of a course before.  We all had to give a ten minute presentation using the skills we learned on a topic of our choice.  Most people did something work related, but I was a dork and did it on “perception”.  I used the example of one’s perception of Niagara Falls viewed from the edge and from the air:

I managed to compare this to working accounts in the office…blah, blah, blah.  I hope I didn’t bore the instructors or my fellow trainees to tears!  The  presentations were recorded and I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch it or not.  I didn’t feel too good about myself after my presentation – this didn’t surprise me since I tend to be insanely critical of myself.  However, I decided to take the plunge and view the video last night.  It wasn’t too bad.  I seem to wave my hands around quite a bit.  Maybe I just found the room a tad stuffy and was trying to get some circulation going…I’m sure that’s what everyone suspected and were quite impressed with my selfless efforts to make them more comfortable. 

What a great day today!  Spirits were quite high at work since it was Friday and some folks dressed up (or down!) for Halloween.  I didn’t really go as anything, but had on my skull and crossbones black nylons, a rather short skirt and I painted my nails black.  I figured I could get away with the short skirt, being Halloween and all.  It was a little drafty on my bum though.  If they tried to send me home for the skirt length, I was just going to tell them that it was my costume – I was a taXXX Collector…
We had free pizza at lunch through our social committee.  Around 12:30, Kathie (sits next to me) and I decided to go into the room with the food and see what was left.  Ray (sits on the other side of me) had to listen to us whining about half an hour earlier how we couldn’t decide whether we wanted pizza or not.  Kathie said that she wasn’t going just for the simple fact that it was free (apparently she has issues with hoarding free items).  So, half an hour after our whine-fest, we decided to saunter to the other side of the office to check it out.  We were blown away when there wasn’t a soul around and all that remained of the food was a pile of empty pizza boxes and three empty coolers which just moments earlier contained pop and water.  The residual smell of the feast still lingered in the room.  We both began salivating.  I rushed over to the stack of boxes, hoping for a forgotten slice, a couple crumbs or even a little puddle of grease – nothing!  Nary a crumb nor drop of grease to be found!  We were devastated!  Dejected, we walked back to our desks at the other side of the office, our heads hung in despair.  When we got back, Ray taunted and heckled us for our previous whining.  He said it served us right!  It was hard to argue with him – our failed mission caused such a deep feeling of overwhelming sadness, we hadn’t the energy to fight back.  Suddenly, without warning, a colleague approached us, concerned for our sorry state and obvious hunger.  She told us there was a large bowl of Lindt chocolates near the Assistant Director’s desk, towards the back of the office.  Kathie and I instantly sprang back to life!  Ray joined us as we literally ran to the prized bowl of ecstasy!  I somehow sprinted past them (it must have been the lack of material around my legs) and dove at the chocolates.  The Training Coordinator yelled “Hey, you!  Put that back!” as I hefted the massive bowl into the air, like the Stanley Cup.  I followed her demand and lowered the bowl back on the chair.  I asked how many we could have and she said one each.  I said “One for each finger!”  We all grabbed a handful and frolicked back to our desks.  Victory!

Not too much planned for this weekend – probably a good thing after all my running around and sugar-eating today.  Chuck and I may stroll downtown to shop, then hopefully go flying on Sunday.

Symptoms for today:  I felt really good!  My energy was the best it’s been in a couple of weeks.  For the last couple of days, I’ve had a new symptom – it feels like moist (I HATE that word) heat emanating from my left calf.  Although, it would be a nice symptom to have in the dead of winter!