Great Flight, Yucky Weather

I didn’t think the weather would be good enough to go flying today, but it was.  I wasn’t sure where I was going to go.  I just knew I needed to fly.  I’ve been quite down lately with a lot on my mind, so to get away from it all was nice.  Before I took off, I told the tower I was heading toward the South, then West along the Lake Erie shoreline.  The traffic at the airport was a little heavy.  I waited behind another plane for the glider to make it’s landing:

Right after he landed, the plane in front of me started back-tracking down the runway.  She turned around and took off, just as the tow plane for the glider called the tower that he was on final for a landing.  I thought I would be sitting there for another few minutes, so I asked if I could take off from the intersection, rather than back-tracking down to the end of the runway.  I was cleared to do so and headed out on my voyage into the unknown.  I flew over my mother’s house and took a few pictures, then the same over my aunt’s house.  I took some pictures of the Fall colours as well:

I flew over Welland and snapped a pic of the bridge:

It was quite a pretty flight.  Unfortunately, the weather started to turn a bit.  I headed toward the West and decided to fly out to Tillsonburg.  The weather was worse when I was South of Hamilton.  Here is what the view looked like:

It became rather windy and started showering.  Ah yes, nothing like getting your plane cleaned for free – works for me!  I didn’t mind the rough flight, but I would never take up a passenger in that kind of weather.  Once I got past Hamilton, it started to clear up a bit.  I made it to Tillsonburg and was debating whether or not to land and get fuel.  I had more than enough to get back home, but it’s usually pretty cheap there.  Once I swung around to join the downwind, I noticed the big “X” on each end of the runway.  Now, thinking back to my flight training, I’m pretty sure I heard that those X’s mean something to the effect of “Thou shalt not landeth here”.  Thus, I didn’t.  I was about nine minutes from Bradford and contemplated stopping off there, mainly to go into the Aircraft Spruce store.  The weather still wasn’t too good so I headed back to St. Catharines instead.

By the time I got back to the airport, I had been flying for over two hours.  I think the weather put an end to the Cadet’s flying their gliders.  The other activity at the airport had also died down quite a bit.  I may go up again tomorrow morning.  The airport is going to be closed for the week for some car testing thing.  They do it every year. 

Symptom’s for Today:  Other than a bummed out mood, I’m feeling OK today.  Now I just have a bad headache.  I’ll go to bed early tonight so I’ll feel well enough to fly tomorrow morning.


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