Gobble Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  We had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday.  Chuck and I went to the States in the morning then to my little mother’s for dinner.  As always, it was amazing!  She’s such a good little cook – and I do mean little!

Chuck and I headed to the Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls, New York around 10:00.  I did the Queen wave at all the “suckers” in the normal Customs lines at the boarder, while we drove over to the Nexus line.  I guess I shouldn’t have been such a saucy little tart, as the first thing out of the Custom Officer’s mouth was “You’ve been hit as a random check.”  Then, to make things worse, my Nexus card was having issues, again!  I told him the card is defective due to the horrible picture on it.  He made us pull over to the inspection building, where we sat and waited for almost 40 minutes.  We gave the Officer all of our information, then he went to inspect our car.  Mind you, he inspected the car next to us first, thinking it was ours.  Chuck went out and told him that he was checking the wrong Buick.  After we were cleared, we drove to Tim Horton’s for our well deserved drink and treat.  Then off to the Fashion Outlet Mall on Military Road.  We had to return a shirt I purchased for him, that turned out to be too small.  After that, we headed to the kiosk of my favourite store Phase’id.  Here, I purchased the sweater that I have seen the last two or three times I’ve been there, but was too cheap to buy.  They had 20% sales for the holiday weekend.  I was planning on going to their main store at Eastern Hills Mall, but didn’t think I would have the energy.  However, the thought of missing out on some new gothic garb was too much for me to bare, so we made the 25 minute trip.  I purchased a new skirt and top, again at 20% off.  On the way back from Eastern Hills Mall, we stopped at TOPS for a few groceries. 

Before heading to my mother’s house, we stopped off at the apartment to drop off our loot and pick up the cranberry sauce I arduously prepared the night before.  We arrived at her place just before 4:30.  Dinner was great, with plenty of left-overs to take home, including the cuppy-cake she purchased:

We polished off the left-overs for dinner tonight (minus the cuppy-cakes).  I think I ate too much.  I’m changing my name to Elizabloat.
We had another good day today.  We did some shopping, which was interrupted by a phone call from my mother.  For the second time in a few months, she locked herself out of the house again.  We drove to the apartment, picked up my keys and drove to Fonthill to save the Damsel in Distress.  Once we unlocked the door and ensured that she had her keys in her hand, we went back to our grocery shopping.

Tomorrow will be another good day as we’re going to the Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  I then have to return home to prepare for my RAA meeting that night.

One more thing – I received a very amusing email from one of the Tower Folks at the Niagara District Airport.  As I have mentioned before, I bring them some of my home-made fudge now and then.  I think I brought them some in this past month, plus a bag of kettle-corn popcorn last week.  On these fudge-bequeathing days, I call myself Elizafudge.  The last time I was up flying, they labeled my aircraft FUDGE on their radar!  Here’s a picture:

This just made my day!!!

Today’s Symptoms:  Still quite drained from the dehydration.  I had a nap in the afternoon.  I’m feeling a little better tonight, at least.

Posted by Lizzy McFly at 10/11/2009 7:45 PM

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