Breaking Point

Something has been bothering me for a few months now.  They have been converting the Tim Hortons counters, which has also changed the way people line up.  The Timmy’s near the Seaway Mall in Welland has been causing a fair bit of grief.  Everyone lines up at the one cashier, and the line goes past the seats along the wall.  Unlike other stores, they do not have one of those “Please line up here” dividing ropes, which they really need to invest in.  The vast majority of people realize that you line up behind the one register, then the next person in line goes to one of two available cashiers.  They know not to start a new line behind the other register.  Well, my mother and I went to that Tim Hortons today and I stayed in line while she sat at the table we typically sit at.  There were close to ten people in line by the time I went up to the register.  Just before my turn, a woman rudely walked over to the other cashier, bypassing the whole line process.  I was going to say something, but the family who was just leaving the register I was approaching, were in my way.  I looked back at the people behind me and they rolled their eyes in annoyance.  I was slightly irked at this time.  Then, while I was placing my order, this jerk male walks right over to the other clerk and starts ordering – like the woman before him, bypassed the line.  The woman behind me and I both said there was a line.  He said “Too bad, no one was here”.  A few of us starting telling him to get back in line, but he kept arguing and then placed his order.  The cashier should have told him to get in line, but she didn’t.  This was my breaking point.  I walked past him with my order, while looking back at the huge line – everyone was really ticked.  I placed the tray down at our table and walked back toward him to grab some napkins.  It was at this point Lizzy passed her breaking point.  I said rather loudly “You know, you just butt in front of all those people in line – that was really rude.”  He said “That’s too bad, no one was there.”  I started YELLING “That’s really nice, did you not see the line?  I guess you’re better than everyone else, so you don’t have to wait in line!”   At this point, EVERYONE in the store stopped and was watching.  After my first LOUD line to him, a few people started clapping.  I couldn’t stop at that point.  He said “I can’t stand in line, I’m disabled!”  I said “Well I have MS, so I guess I get to go straight to the head of lines too!”  He said “So what!”  While I was walking away, he mentioned again that he was disabled and I said “Yeah, mentally!”   By the time I got back to my seat, I was shaking.  The two women in the seat next us said “That was great!” and “It’s about time someone stood up to people like that who think they’re better than everyone!”  They also mentioned that they saw the first woman who butted and they were really mad about it.  It took me a few minutes to calm down and stop shaking.  About 10 minutes after I sat down, the jerk I just yelled at got up to leave.  He did this big, exaggerated limp, which wasn’t there at all earlier.  What a wanker!  I still can’t believe I confronted him like that though.  I guess I had some pent up frustration in me that finally escaped!  Yea me!

Today’s symptoms: I’m fairly drained after my emotional “incident” today.  Earlier this evening, I developed a really bad headache.  I’m going to take a couple Tylenol and go to bed very soon.

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