Ongoing Poopiness

It appears I’m still struggling with this sicky-poo illness I developed three weeks ago.  Starting Thursday afternoon, I was hit with almost debilitating fatigue, which fortunately is a bit better today.  I made the decision yesterday that I would feel totally fine today. I am now amending that goal to tomorrow.  Yup, all better tomorrow, folks! Ain’t nothing gonna stop me now!

Update on my youngest hairless cat – she’s totally insane!  While she and her sister were eating in the kitchen this morning, I started brushing my teeth in the bathroom.  I figured I had enough time to finish before they did (especially Abby!) but I was wrong.  Just as I bent over to rinse my mouth, Abby pounced on my back.  She sat there ever so neatly, licking her chops and cleaning her face.  I had to remain in the hunched position while walking into the bedroom to let her (force her) to dismount on the bed.  You would think I would have learned my lesson, but I walked over to my laptop sitting on the dresser, and bent over just slightly to check my email.  I instantly had a six pound hairless ball of silliness on my back again.  I managed to put on my socks and pants while she was up there, but figured I should remove her again before I walked to work.  I know our dress code is somewhat slack, but that would be pushing it!

I wrote this blog (draft) while sitting in a meeting at work.  The chicky who sits in the pod next to me also sat next to me in the meeting.  She requested that I mention this in my blog.  Here’s your moment of fame, Kathie!  By the way, the word “absolutely” was used over thirty times during the first hour of our meeting!  What the heck?!

Today’s symptoms:  Still very weak and tired.  A bit better today than yesterday, so I can’t complain!  I started getting a symptom that I haven’t had in months – when I yawn, I get this weird electrical sensation running down the backs of my legs.  Hmmm…..

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