Smelly Story

My mother told me a rather amusing story today.  She and her sister were in Zellers the other day on one of their routine shopping trips.  They walked to the back of the store to use the washroom.  Two women were coming out as they were going in.  As soon as they entered, the smell almost knocked them backwards.  They both really had to pi-diddle so they held their breath and did their thing.  My mother assumed it was the ladies that just walked out that caused the odour, so she loudly said “Oh my gosh, this is criminal!  There oughta be a law against it!”  They both then went on about how horrid the stench was and kept saying to hurry up so they could get out of there.  As my mother reached for the paper towels to dry her hands, she noticed the feet in the end stall.  Yes, the source of the putrid smell was in there with them!  My mother pointed out the feet to her sister and they both ran like heck out of the washroom and almost fell into a heap from their bouts of laughter.  Man, how embarrassing.  I don’t know if it was more so for them or for the poor, smelly woman in the stall!

I think I’ve only taken about 10 hours of vacation since April, and I have 360 hours left, so I might take a couple hours tomorrow to go for a flight.  I told myself I would take more time off this summer, but that didn’t seem to happen.   I have a vacation leave hoarding issue.  I should be on that new show “Hoarders”.  Or maybe “Intervention”, since I clearly need help with this ongoing issue.  Actually, it seems to be getting worse every year.  I better get crackin’ as I’m only allowed to carry over 262 hours into the next fiscal.

Today’s symptoms: I’m still dealing with this sinus/cold thing.  It really seems to enjoy my company – it just doesn’t want to leave!

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