Visit to Binghamton, NY

Chuck and I headed out to the Niagara District Airport at around 9:00 on Saturday morning.  The clouds were rather low that morning and it was a bit hazy, but it was still fly-able.  We packed up the plane and started our little trek to Binghamton, New York.  His brother lives there and I had yet to meet him until this weekend.  The clouds lifted once we were a little past Buffalo and it was an incredible flight through the Finger Lakes area. 

We arrived at the Binghamton Airport in less than two hours. 

We had called Customs the day before, as they had to send someone out to the airport (they’re normally only there on weekdays).  Until we met with the Customs Officer, we were not allowed to leave the plane.  Forty-five minutes after sitting there, Chuck’s bladder finally got to its breaking point and he ran into the terminal building.  I’m glad he did because his brother and spouse were inside waiting for us.  We felt so bad for making them wait, but they understood the situation.  Chuck told the dispatcher inside that we had been waiting for the Customs Officer for about 45 minutes, and she called to see if anyone was on their way.  She was able to get in touch with the Officer, who was on her way, and let Chuck know that I was allowed to leave the plane.  We unloaded our baggage and the Officer showed up about 10 minutes later.  She was very apologetic about being late – I hope she takes that into consideration when she sends us the bill for her coming out to the airport!
Our first stop was Brozetti’s Pizza in Johnson City.  While waiting for the pizza to be made, we wandered around the area.  Terry and Peter were amazing tour guides with a wealth of knowledge of the area.  After about 20 minutes, we picked up our grub and went back to Terry and Peter’s home, which was SO nice!  Before the tour of the home, we ate our pizza (which was excellent!) and had some of the raspberry and sweet cherry pie we brought with us from the St. Catharines Market.  Yum-O!  Following lunch, we had a tour of their very large and beautiful home. 

We continued with our tour of the area, which was a trip down memory lane for Chuck.  We also stopped at the house of a friend and former next door neighbour of Peter and Terry.  It was a really nice visit and many good stories were told.
We headed to The Outback Steakhouse in Vestal for suppies.  Our waitress was super nice and friendly plus the food was excellent.  That plus the great company made for a nice dinner!

Back at the house, we watched an old family video, then it was off to get ready for bed.  It was at this point that I realized that the bar of soap in their downstairs bathroom matched the carpet runner in the hall.  Talk about coordination!

The next morning we went to the Park Diner in Binghamton for breakfast.  Check out the photo gallery on their website – what an amazine view!  After breakfast we went to see the New York State Inebriate Asylum

I’m sure when Terry and Peter saw me scale the chain link fence in front of the building, in order to take a picture, they probably figured that I had been to an asylum before, if you know what I mean!

Back to the airport, got some fuel, and put our bags in the plane.  We bid Peter and Terry a fond farewell.  We really did have a great visit and hope to see them again soon!  The flight back was very nice and we arrived within 10 minutes of our estimated time of arrival that we gave to Customs.  They cleared us over the phone and we were on the road home.  What a great weekend!  Thanks again, Terry and Peter!

Today’s symptoms:  I’m still congested from this cold I deveoped a week and a half ago.  I also still have the sinus headache, but it’s getting better (that’s all that matters!)  I’m pooped from the trip but it was well worth it!  I’m glad I have the day off tomorrow (Labour Day) to recover.

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