I had a rather odd morning.  While sitting at my desk at work, I noticed this amazingly fresh, clean smell around me.  I just couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  Over a two hour period, I smelled my hair, shirt, telephone, headphones to my iPod, the three drawers of my cabinet, chair, pen, stapler and a few documents.  The smell stayed the same wonderful intensity the entire time – actually, for the entire day!  After about two hours of investigative sniffing, I finally figured out the source of the scent – it was my new deodorant!  It’s Men’s Speed Stick – Ocean Surf.  We got a big ol’ box of them from Costco.  Yes, my pits were alive with the glorious aroma that lingered all day long.  How PITyful that I didn’t find this wonderful product sooner?  The smell is as intense as a PIT-bull.  I wonder if it will be as pleasant while I’m in the cockPIT of my plane tomorrow?  If so, I will be the ePITome of everyone around me!   Tis a PITy that more people don’t go out and buy some.
I had another strange thing happen at work.  We have this new log in screen that pops up as soon as we log on to our main computer system.  I thought it was for the program for our time sheets, so that was the password I was using.  Well, three tries later and I received the message “you have been temporarily locked out of the system.”  Ok, that’s fine – everything still seemed to work on my computer.  Then I looked over at my time sheet icon and it vanished!  How rude is that?  Big deal, I put in the wrong password a few times, does that mean I need to be punished by having my icon taken away?  It’s like a little icon Nazi!  I wonder if I’ll be allowed my icon back next week, since I obviously couldn’t do my time sheet today!

I’m off to bed now.  We have a fun weekend planned – we’re flying to Binghamton, New York tomorrow to visit Chuck’s brother.  We’ll be flying back early on Sunday.  I shall post pictures of our flight over the Finger Lakes then!

Today’s symptoms:  Still a little drained from my sinus/cold thing.  Other than that, not too bad. 

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