I think there’s something going around because my friend at work was getting sick on Friday, both her kids were sick and I came down with something as well.  It’s nothing major, just some sinus issues, sore throat, ear aches and a headache.  I was in bed most of the day today.  I feel like such a lazy lump.  At least I got a few things done today, such as almost completing the corporate tax presentation for the training I’ll be giving next month.  I know, you’re all wondering how you can get in on such an exciting and interesting topic.  I’m afraid the only privileged folks to partake will be my fellow tax-peeps at CRA.  Perhaps one of them will sneak a camera into the training session and post the video on utube….
I did a fair bit of reading today.  Chuck and I went to the
Book Depot on Saturday and purchased about $80 worth of books.  Most of which were on airplanes.  I’m trying to learn more about the mechanics of my Cessna 150.  I also started reading another series of a romantic comedy by Emily Giffin.  I just finished “Something Borrowed”.  My friend at work loaned it to me, and I purchased the next book “Something Blue” from the Book Depot for about $3.  I could literally spend hours in that store.

I’m hoping to feel a bit better tomorrow.  I rarely take sick time from work and hope I can put in a full day – who would want to miss a glorious Monday?  Blech!

I think I noticed some sinus issues during my flight after work on Thursday.  Actually, it was a really nice flight.  I flew over to Dunnville then along the Lake Erie shoreline over to Fort Erie, then back to St. Catharines.  Nothing too exciting, but a good time anyway.

Today’s Symptoms:  Feeling yucky with this cold – weak and achy.

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