Expected Accident

It finally happened – the accident that I have been predicting for over a year.  Geesh, what took it so long?  The other night, I had something in my hand to take out to the recycling bin on the balcony.  We usually keep the screen door open, as our balcony is all screened in.  Anyway, I opened the sliding glass door, and stepped up over the door tracks…at least that’s what I tried to do.  Of course, the screen door was closed.  It was completely invisible since the screen is new and it was dark inside and outside the apartment.  If it wasn’t for that darn step up, I would have gracefully bounced off the screen.  The step threw off my balance.  Then, I was startled when the screen came in contact with my face.  I must have tripped on the step while walking into the screen because I ended up turning to my left during the initial contact.  This caused me to fall into the corner of the wall, smacking my hip and arm.  My fall to the earth was in slow motion, until I landed in a heap on the ground.  It was also very loud!  The clatter of the screen plus the ricochet of bone against the wall seemed almost deafening!  Mind you, my boyfriend’s wails of laughter were equally as loud.  He turned around to see me sprawled on the floor, paired with sounds he heard over the previous few seconds, it was clear to him what just happened.  As per the title of this email, I knew this would happen sooner or later.  I’m surprised it took over a year!

I sent an email out to my “Freecycle” Yahoo group.  This group is for people to post items they no longer want or need, that can be picked up.  You can also request items.  I asked for bedding such as sheets and blankets, for the animal hospital and cat quarters I volunteer for.  I had a really nice woman (Jennifer – Managed By Mom.com) quickly respond to my plea.  Her friend provides her with sheets from Niagara Lodge & Suites at 7720 Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls.  Some of the sheets are too stained to be used again, so she is passing them on to be used for the cats!  She will have sheets for pick up on a regular basis.  These will be used during surgeries on the feral/homeless cats, as well as for bedding and cleaning needs in the Cat Quarters .  We are so appreciative of both Jennifer and Niagara Lodge & Suites – thank you again!

Today’s symptoms: I actually felt pretty good today.  My energy was decent and I even had enough to meet up with a couple friends for dinner after work!  Yea!

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