St. Jacobs Air Adventure

What a perfect day for a flight!  My mother and I drove out to the airport and cranked up my bird just a little after 8:45.  After my walk-around and getting fuel, we taxied down to the end of the runway.  Just before we got to the end, my nose wheel started to shimmy and vibrate.  I thought I blew a tire.  I told the tower dude that I was going to quickly hop out and check the tires.  All looked fine so I hopped in and headed back to the Flying Club.  The chief instructor came out when he saw me approach. They always have the radio on so they can listen to the pilot and tower transmissions.  He said that the shimmying is fairly common and seems to happen periodically, especially with the Cessnas.  This was a big relief.  I got back in the plane and my mother and I headed back to the runway.  It was great weather which made for an extremely smooth flight.  My GPS lead us directly to the Elmira West “Airport” after an hour long flight.  It was a single, narrow runway in fairly rough condition.  I ended up parking on the grass near the end of the runway, because there really wasn’t anywhere else to go.  The owner came out and asked if everything was OK and if I needed help.  At first I thought she was going to ask me to leave!  I mentioned that I had phoned them last night and left a message on their voicemail.  She said they don’t always check it.  I was relieved when she said I could stay.  Within minutes, the cab I called upon landing arrived and whisked us off to the Stone Crock in St. Jacobs.  We were in desperate need of a coffee and of course, couldn’t turn down their fresh, home-made muffins.  Yum-O!  We spent a few hours wandering around the shops.  I even got a big chunk of my Christmas shopping done!  A little after 1:00, our moaning stomachs signaled our need for foodage.  We headed back to the Stone Crock and waited for about 15 minutes to be seated.  We both decided on the salad buffet.  Everything was amazing, as usual.  With full bellies, we headed back out into the town to hit a few more stores.  We were surprised at how many new stores there were, plus a few more closures.  Apart from the Christmas shopping, we didn’t buy too much for ourselves.  It was still a wonderful day!  We took a cab back to the airport and prepared to bump down the runway for take-off.  Here are some pics:

No, I don’t normally have plants in the back of my plane.  Jan and I both purchased a flower arrangement!  They were back there with a slew of pies, tarts and muffins from the Stone Crock….and Christmas pressies!

Today’s symptoms: Despite the long day and how much walking around we did, I feel pretty darn good right now!  I couldn’t believe how much energy I had when I came home, and was able to throw in 50 minutes of exercise too!  Thankfully I have the day off tomorrow so I can recuperate!

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